Back at Croydon Hall, it was time to pack our bags (sob) and have lunch (yay!).  

, Blogging:  An Inspirational Retreat at Croydon Hall, Somerset
Photo:  Victoria- Verily Vicoria Vocalises

Positivity Workshop

After lunch it was time for our last session, a positivity workshop.  I thought we were going to share our happiest photos from our event but no, we had to choose a handful of fellow bloggers and write positive words about them.  I wish we’d had more time as there was so much to say about everyone.  I felt really bad that I hadn’t had time to write words for all the people who had meant so much to me over the weekend, but everyone managed to have positive words written about them.  It was such an emotional experience reading them and then having our photo taken- something I never normally do!  I felt so sad when this session ended and it was time to start packing up absolutely everything and leaving.

Reflections on the Retreat

I hope you’ve picked up from this post that The retreat was just the most awesome, amazing experience.  I really feel as if the weekend changed me and I left feeling so inspired and full of ideas.  Now I just need the time to put everything into action.  Thank you so much to Sally and all the volunteers- Lindy, Monika, Sarah and Louise (Pink Pear Bear) for working so hard to make the weekend perfect.  The session leaders were all professionals in their field, and that made such a difference to the sessions.  They were also full of enthusiasm and super helpful- thank you!

Lots of other activities went on so please visit the Flea Retreat Linky  to see what everyone else got up to.  I didn’t go to the product photography, fashion shoot or recipe filming but have learnt so many tips from the bloggers who did- and cycling with Exmoor Adventures looked amazing!

Due to choosing different sessions there were some people who I spoke to less over the weekend but thank you to everyone for being so kind and welcoming.  Each time you sat down for lunch or for a chat you knew you could sit anywhere, we were all part of a team.  Special thanks to Jo, Jane and Clare – the fellow champagne ladies (okay we were on cava once the champagne ran out…), Laura for being such a good friend, Grace, Mel, Kate, Steph and Sara-Jayne for their fun, game playing skills!  Karen for sharing a seat on the bus and a great chat!  Jane and Alina for travelling part of the way home with me.  I could go on and on-  apologies for not mentioning everyone…

So now we all went to know, when’s the next one?

Have you ever been on a retreat?  How did you find your experience?



  1. Karen (Stopping At Two)
    May 16, 2018 / 3:57 pm

    It was SO lovely to meet you! Hopefully see you again at the next one 😀 Your photos are stunning, and kind of making me wish I had got up for the sunrise photography session.

  2. Margaret Gallagher
    May 18, 2018 / 12:32 pm

    Gorgeous setting and place Looks like you all had great fun

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