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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Bank Holiday Weekend- Herald Radio Fun Day

We've had a lovely May Bank Holiday- the sunshine and warm weather really made the weekend.   We enjoyed a meal out with family, visited Folly Farm and had a pool party/BBQ at Nanny's house.  Our weekend fun began on Saturday when we attended the Herald Radio Fun Day to celebrate our local radio station's first birthday:

 On arrival we spotted Scooby Doo giving out Herald Radio balloons.  Caitlyn and Isabelle excitedly took a balloon each (which I then ended up holding all day while they went on all the rides!).  

 First up the girls wanted to go on the trampolines.  I paid for three and put the girls on one by one as the trampolines became free.  They ended up on opposite sides so I ran  between the girls to keep an eye on them and take a few photos!  When it came to Izzy's turn she suddenly refused to go on, "I've never liked trampolines!" she exclaimed (she normally goes on them  all the time and loves them!) so they gave me her fare back.  I thought we'd grown out of the days of kids changing their minds about rides but obviously not!  

At least Rebecca and Caitlyn had fun!  Meanwhile Danny had wandered off to find Dave at work (he works nearby).

Thankfully all the girls went on the bouncy slide happily.  As I was so busy running around with the girls I didn't get the chance to stand and watch the performers on stage.  Sadly we arrived too late to watch Tamsin Mathias perform.  I did enjoy listening to the music while the kids played happily though.  While they were on the slide one of my favourite songs, "Valerie" was performed by Herald Radio's Daytime Presenter Chloe Ashton.

Izzy's ride of choice was the teacups.  While the girls were on this ride Mum, Jo, Ceri and Cerys arrived.

Meanwhile, the Fire and Rescue Service had also arrived.  Caitlyn and Izzy were very excited to explore the Fire Engine- they love them!  Caitlyn put the helmet on Izzy.

They enjoyed playing with all the equipment.  When Danny was little he used to dress up as a fire fighter most days (I miss those days).

We always laugh as Izzy loves being lifted by the fire fighters.  Once Danny and I both offered to lift her down but she instead waited for the fire fighter, then on this occasion she again waited for a fireman's lift rather than jump down as her big sister did- it's so funny!

It was time to eat!  Rebecca was sad there were no chips but the the younger girls enjoyed their breakfast baps.

 Rhys Sutcliffe, Lucy Jones and Josh Beddis also performed.

Slushie time (poor Rebecca's face is bruised after a trampoline incident from another day!)!

After refreshments it was time for another slide, this time with cousin Cerys.

Then it was time to win a prize on Hook a Duck.

Lastly, the girls had another go in the teacups with Cerys.

As it was such a nice day we decided to go for a pint at Martha's Vineyard as I've been looking forward to a sunny day perfect for sitting on the balcony.

Watching the fish is very relaxing.  Caitlyn was feeling hot and bothered and wound up and this thankfully calmed her too.

Everyone enjoying their drinks and company!

Danny takes a photo of Gangster Style Izzy!

Beer on the balcony- perfect!

When your lolly and Rubik's cube match...

Trying (and failing?  Haha!) to get a nice photo of Dave and I together!  I look like I've had more than one drink!  

It was a lovely afternoon and we didn't want to leave but I had plans that evening so needed to go home to get ready so off we went (promising to go back on another sunny day...).

Thanks Herald Radio for organising a fun day and letting us celebrate your birthday with you!   

How did you enjoy the Bank Holiday?

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  1. Looks like you all had loads of fun -mainly gardening and a BBQ as the weather was beautiful


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