Travel: Having The Right Tyres for your Journey #WheelsoftheWorld

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, Travel:  Having The Right Tyres for your Journey #WheelsoftheWorld

So you’re planning your next road trip?  Lucky you!  Once you’ve decided on your destination and itinerary don’t forget to get your car and tyres ready for the ride.  Here’s a quick guide on how to have the right tyres for your journey:

, Travel:  Having The Right Tyres for your Journey #WheelsoftheWorld

When Are You Travelling?

Remember in the UK it’s advisable to use winter tyres when the temperatures are lower between the months of October and April.  They can keep you safer on the road during icy and snow conditions (of which we had our fair share last winter).  During the warmer months of May to September standard tyres perform best over 7℃ so if you still have your winter tyres on now is the time to head to TyrePlus and get them changed over.  If you’re planning a trip to a different climate the chances are you will be hiring a car that is already fitted with the appropriate tyres but always remember to give them a check first.  If you are travelling in your own car across Europe be aware of the tyre laws in the country you are visiting.  In some countries, such as France it is a legal requirement to carry a spare wheel instead of just a repair kit (in the UK is is only advisable).  Remember to carry all of the other items legally required too such as reflective jackets and warning triangles.

, Travel:  Having The Right Tyres for your Journey #WheelsoftheWorld

Check Tyre Condition

The best tyres to travel with are the ones in best condition.  Check your tyre condition before travelling and it’s even better if you can get to your local tyre centre to have a full tyre service before you leave.

Tyres will perform better, be safer and save you fuel if they are at their optimum.  Remember to check the:

  • Tyre Pressure
  • Tyre Thread and Condition ( the legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm)
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Rotation

to ensure your wheels are at their best ready for the journey ahead.  If they need repairing or replacing get this done before you set off.

, Travel:  Having The Right Tyres for your Journey #WheelsoftheWorld

Heavy Load

When planning a long road trip consider if you will be carrying a heavier load than usual- either because you will be taking extra passengers or because you’ve packed everything (including the kitchen sink).  Check your vehicle handbook for the ideal pressure for heavy loads and adjust accordingly.  If the pressures are not adjusted accordingly and the tyres run under inflated excessive heat can build up inside the tyre and cause sudden deflation which can have catastrophic effects especially if planning motorway travel.  So always be safe and inflate for a heavy load.  

Other Considerations

Other things to consider when choosing the best tyres are what type of car you are driving.  Your local tyre centre can advise you.  Also think about the type of driving you will be doing most on your trip- will you be cruising the motorways or off-roading on country roads?  One rule of thumb is the higher your mileage the higher a budget you should allocate for your new tyres.  After all, keeping you, your passengers and other travellers safe on the road is priceless.

Where is your next road trip?  What tyre checks will you make before you go?

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, Travel:  Having The Right Tyres for your Journey #WheelsoftheWorld

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