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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Life: Danny is 15!

On Wednesday our precious boy turned 15!   We are so grateful to celebrate this milestone together.  Danny hasn't had it easy (he was born with a condition incompatible with life, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  You can read more about Danny's HLHS birth story here.  But currently he's doing very well.  We haven't had any hospital admissions lately (touch wood) although of course the cardiac check ups, blood tests and medication continue.  Danny is currently studying for his GCSEs, when he was born we were told he wouldn't go to school so we're exceptionally proud of him no matter how well he does.  He has an incredible mind, is very funny, caring, generous, helpful and a huge sense of adventure- we never know what he's going to do next.  His birthday was a school day so we went out for an Indian (his favourite food) that evening with family:

Danny with his Great Granny and Grampy.  He's lucky to have three amazing Great Grandparents in total.

Danny with Great Aunty Eileen, Grampy's sister.

Danny and his Granny and Grampy.

Uncle Andy, Danny and Dave (Dad).

These two love to tease each other!

Danny with Aunty Jo Jo (my sister) and Nanny.  We did miss Aunty Ceri and Lexy in Newport but Danny is going to stay with them soon which he is really looking forward to.

Danny with the girls!  His sisters and cousin Cerys.

Dave and Caitlyn have a chat!

Danny with us old parents!

Dave's face makes me laugh here!

Izzy moved and came up to sit next to her Daddy.

When Danny was little I used to spend at least a whole day on his novelty cakes.  Now I pop to a bakers, supermarket or just make a chocolate one!  I prefer to spend the time with him and the kids! I didn't even have time to make vegan cakes for Andy, Rebecca and myself so we had a pack of dairy free buttons each!

The sparkler candles are great though!

He's old enough to cut and give out his own cake now too- I'm officially redundant! 

Rebecca with Uncle Andy and Dad.

Me with my mum, sister and son!

Jo and Danny play with the balloons!

Danny and Aunty Jo who has recently celebrated her own birthday (post coming soon).

It was a lovely evening with family that we think the world of.  The food was lovely and the waitress so helpful-she made our night.

At the end of the evening I remembered that we needed a family shot!

Happy 15th birthday Danny!  We love you and are so proud of you!



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  1. Handsome young chap - the world is his oyster - HAPPY BIRTHDAY


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