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Friday, 13 April 2018

Izzy Reviews Zapf Creation Baby Annabell Interactive Doll

Oh we have been hearing the patter of tiny feet in our house again recently and I admit it's lovely!  Isabelle has been sent the Zapf Creation Baby Annabell interactive Doll to review and she is adorable.  The older kids have all had their own baby Annabell doll to look after in the past and I believe they are a must have role play toy.

 Baby Annabell dolls are packaged well and make great gifts for special occasions such as birthdays and of course Christmas.

First things first when you get a new Baby Annabel- you will need a screwdriver and four AA batteries.

"It's a girl...and her name is Annabell. Baby Annabell® Annabell is almost like a real baby with her lifelike functions. She responds to touches, can cry real tears and loves her bottle."
"Of course a small baby like her needs plenty of sleep. If you gently rock and sway Annabell back and forth on the arm, she slowly closes her eyes and falls asleep, snoring happily! When she wakes up, it's time for something to eat. When the little one is given her bottle, she will move her mouth and eyes as she sucks – just like a real baby! When you caress Annabell's cheek, she will happily babble to herself. In case she ever cries real tears, she will be happy again in no time thanks to the dummy, included in the set. And Annabell has learned another thing: she can now wet her nappy!"

Baby Annabell comes with all the accessories she needs- a dummy, a bottle, a nappy and a bib.  I'm very conscious that with Isabelle being the youngest she has had less experience (zero in fact) of caring for real life babies.  Having Baby Annabell led us to a discussion about the fact Isabelle never had a dummy or bottle as a baby but her big brother did as he was tube and bottle fed.  

Izzy took to being Baby Annabell's new mum  naturally. She is so caring with her and apart from when Annabell is sleeping peacefully she enlists other members of the family to help look after our new addition when she has to go off and do something else.  Seeing Annabell balanced on Danny's shoulder as he plays on his games console or being hushed by me as I write a blog post is a common sight in our house at the moment!  We've all had turns and when we went away for the weekend "Great Aunty's" and "Great Grandparents" were enlisted in babysitting duties too!

Izzy loves cuddling her and I have to say she is such a lovely weight to hold and hug.  Carrying her really does take me back to the days of caring for my babies.

She also makes the sweetest gurgling and sucking noises just like a real baby.

When it comes to feeding her a bottle, just like with real babies, there is a certain knack that you learn with time.  You need to make sure the bottle is inserted correctly and squeeze the milk (water really!) into Baby Annabell's mouth.  She really moves her mouth as she "drinks" her milk.  Once she has finished her bottle don't forget to wind her- this is as satisfying as winding a real life baby- pop her on your shoulder, tap her back gently and she will bring up a burp (resulting in  much laughter from Isabelle!).  After feeding she can also cry real tears and go for a wee on the potty.

Her sleepsuit is very sweet and there are other outfits available to buy too.

Isabelle loves to cuddle her to sleep each night.  Baby Annabell is a great toy to encourage children to roleplay as mum, dad and caregiver to young babies. It's easy to see how it's been the UK's number one nurturing doll for the last fifteen years (since I had my own baby in fact!).   Isabelle is looking forward to adding a Baby Carrier and a Baby Annabell Roamer Pram to her collection in the future too.

The Zapf Creation Baby Annabel Interactive Doll (RRP £54.99) is suitable for children aged three years and older.  There is also a Brother doll available (when Rebecca and Caitlyn were younger they had an Annabell and a Brother at the same time which was double the fun).  There are also other soft dolls in the range available for younger children.

We were sent the Baby Annabell Annabell Interactive Doll for purposes of this review.  All opinions are our own.


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