Home: Planning a New Bathroom

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, Home:  Planning a New Bathroom

Does your bathroom need redecoration or a whole new redesign?  if you’re thinking of getting a new bathroom in the near future here are some tips to help you start planning:

, Home:  Planning a New Bathroom

1.  Choose Your Style

The fun part is the creative stage when you begin to choose the style of bathroom you would like.  This is the perfect time to treat yourself to home interior magazines, read your favourite home blogs and start pinning bathroom interior ideas on Pinterest.  Whether you’re thinking of going thoroughly modern or classic vintage having a strong style in mind will mean it all comes together well.

, Home:  Planning a New Bathroom

2.  Think Practically

Once you have a style or theme in mind you can begin to think about  the practical aspects of your bathroom.  What is your budget?  Your bath supplier may offer a free home survey to help you decide exactly what you need for your family.  What flooring will you choose?  Will you tile the walls too?  Do you want a separate shower or shower over bath?  Are you looking for conventional or walk-in baths?  Do you need built in storage? When you know exactly what you want you can make a floor plan or contact your bath supplier to make a plan together.

, Home:  Planning a New Bathroom

3.  Installation

Some homeowners hire a building firm to oversee all aspects of their new bathroom while other practical folk take on the whole grafting themselves.  If you are able to coordinate the project yourself then it often works out best to find a local tiler and plumber.  You will also need an electrician if you are having lights or an extractor fan fitted in your bathroom.  Many bath suppliers, especially for specialist baths, will offer installation of a high standard.

, Home:  Planning a New Bathroom

4.  Do you need to get away?

Talk to your bathroom adviser and/or workmen and find out how long installation will take.  If you only have one bathroom in the house find out how long it will be out of use and how often your water supply will be switched off.  If you’re having a lot of work done it may be easier to plan a mini break or to stay with friends and family while your bathroom is completed- imagine returning home to a sparkling new bathroom!  Other bathroom suppliers offer installation in one day and guarantee that  your bathroom will never be unusable for more than half an hour meaning you won’t have long to wait to enjoy your new suite!  Just make sure you consider this point and add it to the budget if need be.

, Home:  Planning a New Bathroom

5.  Complete and Accessorize

Eventually it will all be complete- the tiling will be done,  the new facilities will be plumbed in, the lighting will be on and all the fixtures and fittings will be screwed in place.  Now all you need to do is add the accessories and prepare to take the first relaxing soak- enjoy your new bathroom!

What tips do you have for planning a new bathroom?

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, Home:  Planning a New Bathroom

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