Home: Is Your Teen’s Bedroom Ready for Revision?

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, Home:  Is Your Teen’s Bedroom Ready for Revision?

 “The days are long but the years are short” and in a blink of an eye the baby that you were once planning the “perfect nursery” for now needs a study space of their own to revise for their important summer exams and going on to kick-start a career.  I’m not sure how it happens so quickly but it does and I never feel ready for the next step.  We don’t have any spare space for a home office so we’re having to take a fresh look at our teen’s bedroom and check that he has the right environment to revise successfully (so far it’s full of games consoles, guitars and smelly socks, so it looks like we have some work to do).  Read on for ideas to get your teen’s room revision ready:

, Home:  Is Your Teen’s Bedroom Ready for Revision?
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Most kids already have a book shelf for their reading books but it’s important to also have a space dedicated to school books and folders (preferably other than their school bag and loose under their bed).  We found a school locker handy for our teen to store all his school stationery and textbooks but now he needs to reach for them more often having them on an open shelf serves as a visual reminder of the revision books and past papers he needs to make use of and complete.

, Home:  Is Your Teen’s Bedroom Ready for Revision?

Desk Area

In a teens room the desk area often has to be reclaimed before real revision work can begin. I found a great desk from LionHome that incorporates storage and looks stylish too (see collage above). Remove the games consoles, games cases and DVDS and set up a work-space with their work computer/laptop or tablet, a paper tray, pencil pot and clear work surface.  Stock up on all the stationery needed such as post it notes, index cards and highlighters.  Above the desk tack a visual revision timetable and a calendar with the exam dates.  A desk clock, desk light and waste paper basket are also essentials.  

, Home:  Is Your Teen’s Bedroom Ready for Revision?


When a bedroom is used for homework and revision then it’s important that there is also a space to relax.  In small bedrooms the bed doubles up as the sitting (and lounging around) space but if you can spare the room then a chair or small sofa can mark a chilling out zone.  Add speakers and a magazine/comic rack to encourage your teen to relax screen free in this area.

, Home:  Is Your Teen’s Bedroom Ready for Revision?


As teens don’t always believe the positive message that we try to spread to them (“You’re only saying that because you’re my parent!”) then try to fit in subliminal messages of motivation where you can.  I believe in encouraging the kids to work hard and then play hard as a reward as it’s important to live a well rounded life.  

It’s vital to encourage ambition and tell teens that they can do it “You got this” as well.  You could also make an ambition mood-board to remind teens what they’re aiming for in their future career or a visual reminder of any reward that they’re looking forward to post exams as motivation.

, Home:  Is Your Teen’s Bedroom Ready for Revision?


Sleep is just as important to teens as to babies and is an essential part of the revision process as it improves  memory and concentration.  Sleep essentials include a comfortable bed and mattress, calming duvet cover and black out blinds.  Also, once the exams are over your teen will be exhausted and will deserve a rest before the summer fun begins.

What tips do you have for making a teens’ bedroom revision ready?  Good luck to all the teens and young adults taking important exams this year!

, Home:  Is Your Teen’s Bedroom Ready for Revision?

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