Home: A Classic Retro Tub Chair

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, Home:  A Classic Retro Tub Chair

When we first moved into our home we had two sofas, one large sofa and a smaller sofa bed.  We all (we were only a family of three initially) used  to sit on the one settee and the other one remained rather unused (and became a dumping ground for our piles of clean washing!).  Many years later and the large well worn sofa has been retired (we definitely got our money’s worth out of it) and the remaining sofa needs replacing too.  Next month we will be getting a corner sofa bed but as a large family we still require more seating.  Sloane and Sloane sent us this Artemis Duck Egg Fabric Tub Chair  to review and it makes the perfect addition to our living room.

, Home:  A Classic Retro Tub Chair

“This classic, top quality Artemis duck egg fabric tub chair from Sloane & Sons makes a statement wherever it is placed. The traditional design along with quality finishing, cutting-edge upholstery and state of the art, time honoured construction and manufacturing techniques, put it a class above the rest.”

I love the rounded ages of the tub chair and and the attractive curved wooden feet.  Tub chairs can enhance a retro style room and look in place next to a turntable- it’s the ideal place to sit and listen to vinyl.  I eventually want to knock out our brick shelving as it wastes so much storage room.  If we replaced this space with a retro side unit to store all our games and puzzles then I would have somewhere to display my vintage typewriter, sewing machines and ornaments too.  We also want to remove the tick shelf, paint the wood work (and possibly brick work) and change the wall light to a ceiling light.

, Home:  A Classic Retro Tub Chair

I love the duck egg colour (other colours are available too) and the chair’s top quality fabric can be easily cleaned with a good upholstery product occasionally, or after a mishap, and the grain in the material makes this process simple to carry out.

, Home:  A Classic Retro Tub Chair

As well as the living room a tub chair can also be used in a hallway, bedroom or study.  It’s unique shape means it can easily fit into any space.

, Home:  A Classic Retro Tub Chair

In addition to aesthetically enhancing a room, a tub chair has ergonomic benefits.  They help encourage children and adults to sit up straight too rather than slouching on a couch (as I usually do) which helps to keep the spine straight.

I love to sit here with a cuppa and a book as a break in between working.  The kids love to read here too. There is enough room for two of the kids to sit together and read as Isabelle loves reading to her older siblings and vice versa. The Artemis Duck Egg Fabric Tub Chair is a very reasonable price- it’s usually £195 and currently available for £124.99. It will work well in our living room for many more years to come.

Thanks to Sloane and Sons for sending this tub chair for purposes of review.  All opinions are honest and our own.

, Home:  A Classic Retro Tub Chair

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  1. , Home:  A Classic Retro Tub Chair
    Margaret Gallagher
    June 3, 2018 / 3:10 pm

    Always wanted one of these – would look fab in my bedroom

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