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, Home:  Bathroom Trends 2018

For many people, a new bathroom is a dream come true- it can mean finally being able to fully relax in the bath without mentally redesigning and redecorating your tired washroom each time you step into your tub.  There are so many styles to decide from- not to mention what special features you would like, such as  walk-in baths.  Here are five top bathroom trends in 2018 to help you decide:

, Home:  Bathroom Trends 2018

1.  Minimalist

The minimalist look is still in.  It keeps your bathroom looking clean and neat.  While it’s always wise to declutter and only keep the essentials in your bathroom, the minimalist bathroom in 2018 is clever with lots of storage hidden away.  Design built in storage behind the toilet, under the sink and make good use of wall storage.  You can still have all your favourite skin care brands, they’ll just be uniquely hidden away.  To avoid a minimal bathroom looking bare add natural accessories such as hanging house plants.

, Home:  Bathroom Trends 2018  

2.  Spacious

In an ideal world we’d all like a bigger bathroom without compromising on house space.  The good news is in 2018 we are able to maximise our floor space and make our bathrooms appear bigger without changing the size of the room.  You just need to choose your bathroom essentials carefully and create a feeling of openness.  Go for narrow units, a wall hung toilet and sink to increase the floor space and a bath that takes up half the space, but has double the comfort, such as the Oasis walk-in bath (which serves as  a shower too).  To finish the spacious look take time choosing the floor tiles as these will be an important part of the room which the eye will be drawn to.

, Home:  Bathroom Trends 2018

3.  Metallic

Metal is still a modern look in 2018 bathrooms.  This year we are swapping our chrome and copper for rose gold.  The best advice is to use metals sparingly but purposefully on bath fittings and on feature tiles.  This will create a  glamorous metal look.

, Home:  Bathroom Trends 2018

4.  Home Spa

A luxury bathroom does not have to be a huge expense.  Think of all the money you’ll save on spa trips if you create a relaxing retreat in your own home.  Think warm woods, neutral tones and white linen.  Roll towels and flannels for the professional spa look.  For the ultimate home spa treatment add special features such as a Hydrovescent Spa Massage to ease your aches away and Chromotherapy to improve your health and harmony.  Add scented candles to complete the look.

, Home:  Bathroom Trends 2018

5.  Bathroom Heritage

I don’t think the classic freestanding or roll top bath will ever go out of fashion.  If you’re lucky enough to live in a Georgian mansion then these certainly look the part.  Even in a modern home you can design a heritage traditional space.  For smaller spaces there are plenty of Victorian style toilet and sink packages with bevelled edges available.  These look great on retro tiles or a wooden floor.  Add all the traditional bathroom fixtures- towel rails etc for an authentic look.  You can easily have a bathroom with a classic vintage look but all of the modern benefits.  

Will you be redesigning your bathroom in 2018?  What style will you choose?

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, Home:  Bathroom Trends 2018

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