Family Fun In The Garden This Spring

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, Family Fun In The Garden This Spring

When the weather warms up enough for us to get outside into our outdoor space, one of the first things we like to do is grab a bottle of lager and light up the barbecue. Summer is the favourite season for most of us, where we are able to enjoy the sunlight for longer throughout the day and revel in the heat it brings with it. The garden is the perfect place to enjoy this weather with our loved ones, and here are some great ways you can have fun in the garden this weekend:

, Family Fun In The Garden This Spring

Buy some toys

If you want to make the garden a more fun place for yourself and the kids to play, you can buy some toys and games to bring into the space. For example there’s nothing more fun than finding Trampolines to add to your garden if you have the space. You’ll be able to enjoy hours and days of fun during the summer months. Another great idea would be to buy an inflatable tennis net so that you can play against each other during the hot days. There are loads of fun activities you can enjoy during the summer for the whole family.

, Family Fun In The Garden This Spring

Make a treasure hunt

A great way to spend a sunny day in your garden would be to create a treasure hunt for the kids which will take them through the house and to different parts of the garden hunting for clues. At the end you can give them some chocolate or ice cream as a prize and have fun watching them run around as you sit with a pint of beer or cocktail on the grass.

, Family Fun In The Garden This Spring

Plant flowers

Sometimes the most fun thing you can do in the garden is teach your children how to plant flowers and look after the space. Children, from a young age, love colours and textures so you can take a trip to your local garden centre and let them pick out some bedding plants to stick in the garden. Rebecca loved planting seeds with Nanny and bringing them back to our garden to look after. This will allow you to teach them how to plant them and also make them feel as if they have contributed to the space!

, Family Fun In The Garden This Spring

Collect fruit

If you grow fruits and vegetables in your garden, now is the perfect time to collect them and truly enjoy the taste of your own hard work. You can also teach your child about different foods which they can grow themselves and let them pick a fruit they love to grow in the garden. There’s nothing more rewarding than planting a seed and then reaping the fruits from it a few months later.

, Family Fun In The Garden This Spring

Cool off

If you have a pool you now is the perfect time to get it out and fill it up before the heatwave hits us. If not, you can have just as much fun with the kids by buying yourself a sprinkler and some water balloons for an epic water fight! It will be a super fun way to spend your weekend and it will keep everyone cool so that they don’t get heatstroke!

How will you have fun in the garden this summer?

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, Family Fun In The Garden This Spring

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