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Monday, 2 April 2018

Easter with Family 2018

On Easter Saturday Dave and I went out for pre "40th Birthday Drinks" with Jo, therefore Easter Sunday we both woke up child-free (yay!) and hungover (nay!).  Fueled by resolve, caffeine and a walk in the fresh air we got to Granny and Grampy's (where the kids had been staying) to begin the Easter celebrations.    

Granny and Grampy gave out the eggs and gifts from themselves and other members of the family.  We gave our gifts too.  The kids made Easter cards in school but I feel bad that I didn't make any at home with them this year as Easter seems to have sprung upon us!

Next we went to see Great Granny and Grampy to drop off their presents.  The kids enjoyed playing draughts, card games and pick up sticks (which they have started calling Mikado).

They love having a can of pop as a treat at Great Granny and Grampys too.

Danny used to play chess with cubs, but the girls mainly play draughts.  Pre-kids Dave and I used to have time to play chess together and I was thinking the other day that we needed to start playing with the kids again.  As luck would have it Great Granny passed on a "children's guide to chess" book to us- just what we need to get started!  We had a lovely few hours with them and then were on our way to Nanny's house.

Every Easter since Danny was a baby Nanny has organised an Easter Egg Hunt in the garden and the kids look forward to it every year.

I didn't get many photos as the kids grabbed their bags and were off!  It was so funny to see them frantically running around the garden looking for their eggs and gifts- if aliens had landed at that moment I'm not sure what they would have thought!

The highlight is always the new clothes hanging on Nanny's washing line!  I'd love a magic washing line on which new clothes would keep appearing!

Once we'd collected all the gifts and eggs we went back indoors for dinner then to play.  Caitlyn and Rebecca had a bit of a dance off.  They keep doing "the floss" or "flossing" as they like to call it.  I love Caitlyn's incredulous expression in this photo, I wonder if she's thinking "As if Rebecca can ever floss as good as me!"

Toby had good fun playing with the kids.

Back home and we gave the kids their Easter gifts of LEGO which meant we had a quiet afternoon (win win!) and then watched  a movie.

Dave joined in too.

As you know I had already bought myself (and readers) vegan Easter eggs (purely for the purposes of blog research of course as I wrote about the Tesco Free-From Easter Egg and Moo Free Easter Egg!) but was gifted lots more from family for which I'm very grateful.  Then Dave surprised me with a handmade Easter Egg from Trwffl, so I was very lucky. I can see a "how to use up leftover Easter Eggs" post coming up (not really I'm sure I'll manage to eat them!).

We're hoping we can go somewhere nice and enjoy the Bank Holiday today (Dave's working) but the weather's not looking great (as I sit and write this I can hear the wind and rain)  so we'll see!  I hope you  have all had a lovely Easter and make the most of the Bank Holiday Monday!     


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