Travel: Five Reasons to Switch to Winter Tyres

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, Travel:  Five Reasons to Switch to Winter Tyres

The recent snow we experienced in the UK was a real eye opener to just how unprepared we generally are for these adverse weather conditions.  Of course we don’t have snow frequently enough to  permanently replace our cars with a family sleigh but with these cold spells becoming more frequent we should prepare to keep our cars safely on the road when the temperatures lower.

, Travel:  Five Reasons to Switch to Winter Tyres

One way to stay safer on the road during icy conditions is to invest in winter tyres.  If you are clueless where to buy discount tyres from – you can find them on websites like DAT Tyres.  In many European countries they are actually a legal requirement.  Here are five reasons why you should invest in winter tyres:

, Travel:  Five Reasons to Switch to Winter Tyres

1.  Standard tyres can harden in lower temperatures, but winter tyres are made with a different rubber  compound which will not harden.  This allows a better grip with the road surface underneath even at extremely low temperatures.

2.  Winter tyres have a special tread pattern to increase traction.  Your car will drive better and will be less likely to skid on ice or in wet weather.

3.  Braking distances improve when winter tyres are fitted.  

In wet weather, driving at 62mph at 7℃ a car with winter tyres will stop 4.8 m sooner than a car with standard tyres.

In icy conditions, driving at 20mph, the car fitted with winter tyres will stop 11 m sooner.  

4.  In colder weather using winter tyres is more economical on fuel as less energy is used rebounding.

5.  Although winter tyres are more expensive than standard tyres they can save your life which is priceless.  Research shows drivers are six times more likely to have an accident during winter than summer but winter tyres can reduce this risk.

In the UK it’s best to switch to winter tyres from October to April.  Don’t use them all year around as standard tyres perform better in temperatures over 7℃.  

Will you be changing to winter tyres during the colder weather?

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, Travel:  Five Reasons to Switch to Winter Tyres

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