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Saturday, 3 March 2018

St David's Day and Snow Days in Pembrokeshire

So St David's Day 2018 began as usual with kids dressing in scratchy Welsh Lady costumes (but they look so adorable) and Welsh rugby shirts.  Shy daffodils were wrapped in foil and pinned to lapels (they were too cold to open fully even when I'd been topping them up with warm water in an attempt to fool them!) and the kids went off to school.  

I made a batch of heart shaped vegan Welsh Cakes (purely because I can't find our round cutter!) and kept an eye on the weather reports as the Met office had issued Amber warnings of snow (and red for nearby areas).  Eventually it was announced that all schools in our area would close until Monday but our school hadn't heard anything.  I think frantic parents ringing the school prevented the Local Authority from getting through.  I then received a text that Danny would be getting the bus home at 1pm and the girls were to be picked up at the same time.

It felt strange going to pick them up early due to snow as at this point the cold wind and white sky were the only signs that snow was on the way.  I felt like Lorelai Gilmore each time she declares, "I smell snow...".  Oh the anticipation... Regardless of the lack of snow, the three girls that I picked up were very excited.  They had each won their respective category in the St David's Day competition!  I was so pleased for them as they spent ages making their Castle (Izzy), Dragon (Cailtyn) and portrait of Cerys Matthews (Rebecca).  They're always happier for their siblings when they win something so this was the perfect outcome possible and a nice way to celebrate the last St David's Day with three of the kids attending the same school.  They each won a cuddly welsh dragon and certificate which I have yet to photograph with all the excitement over the snow!

Next, the snow came.  Despite the weather warnings I never quite believe that snow will stick in our coastal region until I see it for myself but lo and behold the view out of our windows was turning white.

That evening the kids went out to play with the neighbours as we couldn't guarantee that it would still be around the following day.  It was lovely to see and hear the kids playing happily together.

Dave arrived home safe from work as it's a walk-able distance and was straight out to play snow ball fights with the kids- he's a good 'un!

Izzy's snow face!

We then went in to make tea- lovely hot (vegan) cawl for St David's Day and just what we needed to warm up from the cold. 

Danny has to take care in the cold due to his heart condition so after a play he came in, took his meds, got warm and and chilled (the irony) on his computer.  The girls would only come in once soup was served as they wanted to make the most of this magical snow time.  The last thing they did before coming in was snow angels.

The following morning everywhere was still white and all our windows were frozen for the first time ever.

We had a quick play in the garden.

We've always had sledges ready for the snow but only get to use them now and again on the Preseli Hills and Mountains.  I asked the kids to grab them but they informed me that they were all broken and had been thrown out.  If I'd known I'd have replaced them.  Instead we made use of Danny's bodyboard ready to play on Gelliswick Hill.  We loved walking through the fresh crisp white snow but then discovered some icy parts.  Bam!  We were all down on our bums.  In fact Danny banged his head and I caught my back but we all saw the funny side of it.  I checked Danny as he's on warfarin and thankfully he was fine.  Eventually we found the safest way to walk down the hill.

There were some lovely thick patches of snow to play in. 

Once we got to Gelliswick the kids began taking turns sledging (or should that be snow boarding?). 

I'm so grateful that Danny's such a great big brother and really looks after his little sisters (that's not to say he doesn't annoy them and vice versa as he is only human after all).

After many turns I spotted Danny taking his coat off.  Izzy was cold so he didn't hesitate to give her his coat.  Of course I couldn't let Danny stay out in the cold long without a coat so I told the kids that as Izzy was very cold it was time for our last turn and they all agreed.

Walking back up the hill, Izzy was tired.  Again without hesitation Danny began to pull her along.  He follows Dave so much with his selfless spirit of impulsively helping others (even though he's meant to keep warm and rest himself!).  I'm also so grateful that despite his condition he's in good health to enjoy his life at the moment. Long may it continue.

Once back in the warm, our wet clothes and shoes were taken off to dry.  We had more soup then hot drinks and welsh cakes.  We went out and played a few more times throughout the day as we wanted to make the most of it but it meant lots of puddles on our kitchen floor, a few changes of clothes and lots of shoes, boots and coats drying everywhere!   It was such a special day and I have no idea if we'll ever have a proper "off school" snow day like that  here again.

This day also helped us to think of others in essential jobs who had to go to work and we were very grateful to the emergency services for keeping everyone safe.  Our Year 5's at the kids school were on a trip and parents didn't know when the kids could get home safe so that was a worry too but they were well looked after (and did get home safe!).  There was a real sense of community spirit in the area and also online and I loved seeing so many people help each other.  Dave did his good turn and helped an elderly lady with a burst pipe by clearing up the water with his work water pumps.  

Did you have snow in your area?  I hope you managed to  stay safe and enjoy it. Today ours is turning to slush but I'm still not going to attempt driving until all the roads are clear!  

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