Organising Special Birthday Parties For Kids

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, Organising Special Birthday Parties For Kids

Birthday’s only come round once a year, so you want to try and make them as special as possible for your loved ones. Children’s birthdays in particular are some of the most precious memories you’ll ever make. Before you know it they’ll be old enough to plan their own birthday, and they definitely won’t want us parents involved (sob!). So how can we make our child’s birthday the most magical day they’ve ever experienced, and give them memories that are going to last a lifetime? Read on for more ideas:

, Organising Special Birthday Parties For Kids

One of the the things kids love (and always remember) about birthdays are the traditions that happen every year. In our house everyone gets excited when we put up our fabric “Happy Birthday” bunting.

Some families I know have a birthday crown, usually made out of felt but it could even be a simple cardboard one, that the birthday King or Queen gets to wear. I also love the tradition of lighting a birthday ring candle each year.

The best parties are the ones that suit the child. Their are so many themes available nowadays so if you’re child is a footballer consider a football party, for a dancer organise a ballet party and a pool party with inflatables is great for water babies and swimmers. Other parties that we have organised and attended in the past include: pizza and bowling, scooter and skate, rough and tumble (soft play), movie night, laser tag and pamper parties. There really is something to suit everyone.

Another important aspect of a birthday party is the cake. Whether you make it yourself or have a cake maker design a special cake that you’re child will love it is sure to be appreciated- everyone loves birthday cakes! If my kid’s birthdays lie on a school day then they take a cake to school too for their classmates to share (check the school policy on this and for class allergies before you send one in) which makes a school birthday extra special.

Kids love dressing up so there could be an optional fancy dress code. You could make this original by having a colour code or my favourite- a colourful rainbow party so everyone gets to wear their favourite colours!

Often your little girl (or boy) will go through a prince and princess phase and will love everything fairy-tale themed . You could make the party even more special by hiring real life princesses and princes to come and entertain the children (look for children’s mascot services that have good reviews from other parents). A Princess Crinoline or Fairy Castle Cake would be ideal for this occasion.

, Organising Special Birthday Parties For Kids

For a children’s tea party you can hire a function room or church hall or have the party at home if you have the space. Ask family and friends to help with the decoration of the hall (or home) and organising the finger foods. Have all the food laid out ready and party games prepared before the guests arrive. Hiring a bouncy castle is a great idea to keep the kids entertained (and to use up their energy!) and is fun for all! A disco is great for older kids so everyone, adults and children can enjoy a dance.

The most important thing is that the party is well suited to the child- some prefer a small party with families or a small group of friends and others prefer big whole class/whole school sized parties. For adventurous kids a day out followed by a picnic and cake can be an exciting adventure too.

Whatever you decide to do I hope your child enjoys their momentous birthday celebrations! What tips do you have for making children’s birthdays special?

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, Organising Special Birthday Parties For Kids

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  1. , Organising Special Birthday Parties For Kids
    Margaret Gallagher
    March 23, 2018 / 12:55 pm

    2 big birthdays in April – great ideas for us to have a ball

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