New Beginnings, New Bedding (For Less with Groupon)

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, New Beginnings, New Bedding (For Less with Groupon)

Spring is the season of new beginnings as first buds blossom and hibernating animals awaken.  It’s the perfect time to treat yourself to new bedding as a special treat for all the spring cleaning you may (or may not) have been doing.  When the clocks spring forward it can cause sleeping issues for some (this is often the case for parents with young children!).  If you’ve been finding it difficult to get to sleep since the hour change then having new bedding can help- there’s nothing like climbing into fresh sheets at the end of a long day.  I admit my body clock has not adjusted yet so I’ve been going to bed an hour later and still having to get up at the same time, but with all new bedding I’ll definitely be tempted to get to bed early and catch up on sleep again.  Groupon have some great deals on bedding at the moment so you can make great savings too.  Take a look at my top picks:

, New Beginnings, New Bedding (For Less with Groupon)

Mattress Topper

Firstly I love to add a new mattress topper to our bed.  I’ve been waking with a bad back recently so the Lancashire Textiles Back Support Mattress Topper would be an ideal choice.

Double:  £22.99 (£66.49)


The John Cotton Relax Duvet and Four Pillows comes in at just £20 for a double (10.5 tog).  It’s available in all different sizes and in your choice of tog.  They’re soft and high quality.  They can be washed and tumble dried to maintain freshness too.

Double, 10.5 tog with 4 pillows:  £20 (£74.99)

Extra Pillows

If everyone’s pillows need replacing then this bumper set of Six Better Dreams Hotel Quality Satin Striped Pillows is ideal.  They’re extra plump and soft we (we then recycle our old pillows by using the stuffing when sewing).

6 Pillows:  £14 (£59.99)

New Duvet Covers

I couldn’t resist choosing two new sets (to use while the other set is in the wash of course).  Okay, so these designs would go just as well in my daughter’s bedrooms as in mine but I love them!

The contemporary unicorn duvet set is reversible and available in three sizes.

Double Unicorn Duvet Cover:  £14 (£39.99)

This fun Pieridae Reversible  Striped Flamingo duvet cover is colourful and cheerful and easy to care for too with no need to iron (yay!).   It’s also available in other sizes.

Double Pieridae Flamingo Duvet Cover:  £14 (£39.99)

All of these offers add up to a huge saving of £173.47 which will help you sleep easier at night almost as much as your lovely fresh bedding will…

What new bedding will you choose this Spring?

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, New Beginnings, New Bedding (For Less with Groupon)

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  1. , New Beginnings, New Bedding (For Less with Groupon)
    Margaret Gallagher
    February 10, 2019 / 12:49 pm

    Will be updating our bedding this spring – something floral and bright !

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