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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Chad Valley Designafriend Zoe Doll Review #ChadValleyPlayPanel

As part of the Chad Valley Play Panel we were sent a Chad Valley Designafriend Doll and outfit to review.  As Rebecca has a Designafriend Doll of her own and Caitlyn is not particularly interested in dolls we decided that this one would belong to Isabelle (much to her delight).  Here is our review of the Chad Valley Designafriend Zoe Doll:

Chad Valley Designafriend dolls make a lovely special present for children.  They are so well packaged and it makes an occasion out of giving and receiving a doll.  This doll costs £19.99 so is a reasonable price but such a treat.

 One of my favourite childhood books was Frances Hodgson Burnett's "The Little Princess".  I loved reading this heartbreaking tale and always hoped to also receive a doll in a box "between the folds of tissue paper".  

On opening the tissue paper Isabelle was greeted to a very special  beautiful doll- with the added benefit of her being more durable than the porcelain dolls in Sara Crewe's time.

Izzy couldn't wait to take her out and start playing with her.

 Zoe is an 18" doll and comes wearing sporty orange leggings with a white long sleeved top (with orange hem and sleeve trim including a sparkly gold DF logo) and matching metallic gold shoes.

She also comes with a lovely charm bracelet with a heart charm.  Each accessory pack contains a charm to add to the necklace making this a very desirable collectable set (but you can play happily with just the one doll  of course).

We were also sent an outfit for Isabelle's new doll.

Each accessory pack is also boxed  beautifully in tissue paper.

Our box contained the Chad Valley Designafriend In the Studio Outfit (£9.99).  This set includes a stripe top with denim cross back dress with pink fluffy sliders and a unique charm.

Our accessory set contained an adorable paint palette charm.

We both thought the handbag shaped product leaflet was very clever!

Dolls are great for kids to develop their cognitive, fine motor, gross motor and self help skills while they play.

They can also be used to help kids learn about routines and dressing appropriately for the weather as well as being a great way to naturally develop empathy and encourage kindness and caring.

The clothes are very good quality and designed for easy dressing.  The top had hook and loop fastenings all along the back and the dungaree dress had hook and loop fastening straps.

Zoe has a soft middle body, making her easy to handle and comfortable to cuddle. 

And she's dressed in her new outfit! 

The first outfit that Izzy wants to buy with her pocket money is a pair of pyjamas for Zoe to wear to bed.  I've spotted a pink onesie outfit so we will use that as nightwear.  She is also a great doll to make clothes for.

Zoe's hair is absolutely gorgeous- a full head of long brown curls - and it feels so soft (how can I get my hair like this?).  Her hair is to be finger combed rather than brushed through to keep in best condition.

The Chad Valley Designafriend Zoe Doll is a lovely doll for children over three years of age that will provide lots of play.  We would like to see "less pink" accessories in the future.  But Zoe will be treasured, as Sara herself said they are not dolls, "they are friends".

Here are some of our other favourite accessories that we have picked out- there are lots of toys available in the Designafriend range (even fashion furniture).

Which is your favourite Designafriend doll or accessory?

The Chad Valley Designafriend Zoe Doll and Accessory Set were sent to us for purposes of review.  All opinions are our own.  We are part of the Chad Valley Play Panel.


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