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Friday, 9 March 2018

A Stroll Down Gelliswick Beach, Pembrokeshire

As you know, we live very close to a beach, not a blue flag, white sands, touristy beach but an everyday working one full of nature to explore, water sports to enjoy and boats to be launched.  We used to spend a lot of time there.   I know when the swans were resident we always popped down at least once a day (and sometimes about three!).  During this long, cold winter, I've neglected our local beach.  Apart from when we've walked Dodge the dog, we've rarely been down.   Now after the big freeze, Spring is finally on the way we need to reclaim our flask on the beach coffee breaks, evening strolls and family beach fires once more.

So we took a post supper pre bathtime walk.  The sky was a gorgeous sunset colour (although the setting sun was out of view as our beach faces south and hills obscure the western view).

The kids had a run around, enjoying the fresh air and space.

Then it was time to explore the sludgey clay and to beach comb for natural treasure.

Rocks are for climbing and writing on (with  stone not pen I promise!).

The precious  joy when you find a complete cockle shell.

Fort Hubberstone.

A song and dance (songs from the Greatest Showman- yes we're still singing them).  

Jumping with joy!  We then walked up the hill chatting and singing together.  I'm looking forward to the clocks changing and the night getting lighter.  I always have more energy in the Spring and Summer months.  I need to get back to running in the evening too!

Do you feel like you're slowly coming out of winter hibernation or is it just me?


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