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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Style: Sandals and Dresses: Everything You Need To Prepare For Spring

It's so cold at the moment it even snowed today- yes snow near the coast in Pembrokeshire! I love snow but really hope once this passes the warmer weather will finally be on the way- it just makes the world seem a happier and brighter place. I can't wait to once again feel warmth from the sun, see the new spring patterns out in the shops and not have to worry about stepping out into the icy cold universe for at least six more months. I know that spring hasn’t exactly arrived yet, but the buds are starting to come through so it's definitely time to start preparing our wardrobes for the change in temperature...

Dazzling Dresses
I love dresses. Every wardrobe needs a set of dazzling dresses, which you can pair with a jacket or rock out with a big pair of sunglasses. Look online at websites like this, for the ultimate inspiration for your dresses. They're great for holiday wear too. They're so easy to wear and versatile- you will be ready to strut out in style as soon as the weather is right.

Stunning Sandals
Currently my feet are happy keeping warm and hiding in thick tights and winter boots but sandal weather is on the way (eek)! This means our feet will be on show once more so it's time to get them in good condition and polish those toenails. Use bold, bright colours to bring out a pop of energy. Whichever style your prefer, shop for your footwear here.

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Amazing Accessories
Jewellery and accessories can transform your outfit from glum to glam. With just a hint of sparkle in your necklace or a dash of twinkle in your earrings you can make a day dress look elegant and sophisticated. Not everybody has the time to get changed in the middle of the day, so team up your accessories with your dresses for
day and night. A stunning neck scarf can add a hint of style to a plain coloured dress. Use your accessories liberally and always remember how much they can add to your outfit of choice.

Happy Handbags
We all need a trusty handbag to keep our important bits and bobs safe every day. Invest in a classic oversized handbag to complete your daytime look; choosing from neutral colours such as grey, black and brown. For the evening you want an understated clutch which is just big enough to fit in your essentials. If you want to make more of a statement then pick a bold tone to contrast to a simpler outfit. I always opt for a cross body clutch so I can still keep my hands free.
Brilliant Boldness
The most important thing about your outfit is that it makes you feel comfortable and confident. If you can't choose between two dresses always go for the one that makes you feel best. Looking after yourself with a new haircut, fresh pair of shoes or a lovely bag are all ways that can help boost your confidence. Treat yourself and start shining like the true star you are.

You will soon be ready to step out feeling chic, sparkly and shimmering with your new fashion looks. Get your favourite style pulled together in advance so you’re ready to show the world what you’re made of.

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  1. Cant wait to strip OFF the layers - love this time of year

  2. Can't wait for the clocks going forward and lighter evenings


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