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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Life Lately- January

So, January started well.  I even managed a run with Toby dog on New Year's Day.  I often regard this as the hardest run of the year so I thought I'd manage to keep up with Mind's RED (Run Every Day) no problem (spoiler alert- I didn't!).

We had a lovely New Year's Day celebrating with Mum, Jo and Cerys.

We began the new year as we meant to go on with a day out at Manor Wildlife Park-we'll make lots of visits there this year as we have Double Bubble passes.

Sadly on 5th January poor mum ended up back in hospital with her asthma.  Thankfully though it wasn't as bad as last time and she managed to stay out of intensive care.  I'm pleased to say she's home now and doing well again.

We changed our family car while mum was in hospital.  We've stuck with a  Vauxhall Zafira as it works well for our family of six.  I have to remember that our new car is a petrol model as I've been used to fuelling with  diesel for the last twelve years!  I was sad to say goodbye to our old car (pictured above) but thankfully our new car feels very similar to drive so I got used to it quickly (and love the heated seats!). 

Toby dog was very happy when mum was discharged from hospital (as we all were!).

We enjoyed a lovely day visiting the little chapel at St Govan's Head.

We booked our summer holiday- I'm so looking forward to family time in the sun!

We followed this with lunch at The George's, Haverfordwest.

I went to watch Darkest Hour with mum and Danny.  The following day I took the kids to see Wonder.  They're now reading the book.  Both were really enjoyable films.

Me and Jo went out out with a group of mates for a friend's birthday memorial drinks. 💔 We met up with Andy later too and I'm determined to go out more and see more people this year.

Mum usually has Fridays off work so we try to have a child free catch up.  We planned to go to Gingers but it was packed so we went to Spoon Me where I had a delicious vegan burger.  Jo couldn't make it as Cerys was poorly but we'll meet up for lunch soon.

Then Jo and I went out for birthday drinks with a friend- we had a lovely evening at the Harbourmaster, Nos Da Bar and Hamiltons.  

Ceri and I attended The Wales Blog Awards in Newport (full post coming soon).  We also had a lovely meal at Zizzis and it was an overall fun night!

Jo and I took all the kids to see Early Man at the Torch Theatre (there are lots of good films on there at the moment). 

I finished reading All That She Can See by Carrie Hope Fletcher (thanks for lending it to me Ceri).  It was a very interesting take on feelings.

Dave bought me vegan truffles from Trwffl (for a small town we're so lucky to have lots of vegan choices).

As I mentioned earlier I completely failed the Run Every Day challenge.  I have been out on short runs and also a couple of long walks with a friend (which is as good for my sole as for my my fitness levels).   I had a bad cold just after mum was discharged from hospital (I think I ran out of adrenaline), got over it but have just caught another one so I haven't exercised for a few days.  I've been trying to nourish my body with soup and vegetables (thanks Dave ❤).  We've also got cards for our local sports centre and have been swimming so it's a start!

I filled in my tax return on time (phew) but haven't done as much as I'd have like work wise (must work smarter in February!).  I've also not done much crafting or baking so that has to be addressed this month!

The kids have settled into their new school, I just hope the traffic settles down soon so it can be safer for the children.  It's still feels strange that I haven't been inside their school yet.  They've settled into a routine of reading and homework too.

And that was January!  

What did you get up to this January?


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  1. Unfortunately january was our month of coughs colds and tummy bugs
    Nevertheless we still managed baking and trips to the park


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