How To Insulate Your Home

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, How To Insulate Your Home

It is important to insulate your home both in summer and in winter. This is because in winter you want to keep the heat in your house, but in the summer you want to keep it out. The way that you go about doing this is roughly the same, thankfully. With that in mind, here are several ways that you can go about insulating your home.

, How To Insulate Your Home

Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are something that every house should have. If you do not have double glazed windows, then you should seriously consider getting some. The double glazing creates an air vacuum that means that it can insulate your home far better than single glazing. Getting double glazing and improving the insulation in your home could mean that your house is far warmer in the winter and the heat in the summer is far more manageable. Double glazing is also great if you live in a noisy neighbourhood as it can also help to block out sounds as well. Double glazing can also increase the value of your home and is a relatively cheap investment considering the many advantages that come with it. You will want to make sure that they are easy to open, especially in the summer as this way you can let any heat building up in your house out.

, How To Insulate Your Home


If you have hardwood floors, then you should lay down some rugs. This is especially helpful in winter. This is because in winter, heat can be lost through the spaces in your wooden floor and it can allow cold air to enter your house. If you put down a rug over your wooden floors, then you will help to insulate your home from this happening. Anywhere that you have a hard wood floor is a great location for a nice, cosy rug. Rugs are also great in winter because they feel fantastic on your bare feet and are a nice place to sit and relax on. In the summer, they are still nice to walk and sit on, but they can also provide other benefits as well. In a similar way that the rug blocks cold air entering in the winter, it can also block hot entering in the winter. It is less effective in the summer because hot air rises and this means that you are less likely to have hot air coming up through your floor as it will be relatively cool there. However, it can still be somewhat useful as it will also stop your inside cold air from escaping. If you do not already have rugs in your home, then you should invest in a few as they can be of great comfort and help to keep your home either warm or cool.

, How To Insulate Your Home


A carpet works in a similar way to a rug. However, it covers all of your floors. This means that while a rug cannot cover every inch of your wooden floor, a carpet can. A carpet can also feel fantastic on your feet and provide all of the insulation benefits of a rug, but even better. However, carpets do cost a lot more than rugs, so you need to weigh up the benefit. Also, you might like your wooden floors and not want to cover them with a carpet. However, when it comes to insulating your floor, you are not going to find a better way to do it than through putting some carpet in each room. If you do not have carpets and are concerned about your insulation, then they might be the solution for you.

, How To Insulate Your Home


Curtains can make a far larger difference to the insulation of your home that you might expect. In the winter, you are going to want to use heavy and thick curtains. These will help to insulate your home and stop the cold from entering your house. They will also stop your heat from escaping. However, you will want to open them during the day. This is because the heat from the sunlight will contribute to heating your home. It might not seem like a lot, but it can be enough to make a difference. You will want to close the curtains once it starts to get cold and the temperature begins to drop. In the summer, however, you want to do pretty much the opposite. You will want to have light and thin curtains. They will allow the heat to leave your house far easier. You might want to leave the curtains drawn to stop the sun from heating your house in the summer, and this can make a massive difference the temperature inside your home. They should also be thin enough that when you want to close them at night, they can let the heat from your home leave your house. If you only have one set of curtains, then you should consider investing in some heavy and thick ones as well as some thin and light ones.

, How To Insulate Your Home


Possible the best to insulate your home is with actual insulation. This can be placed and installed in plenty of locations around your home. You can use foam insulation your loft, walls and between floors. This will work to keep your house warm in the winter and help keep it much cooler during the summer. It can also help to increase the value of your home because it will make your house far more energy efficient as you won’t need to heat it for as long as the winter months. There are lots of ways of using actual insulation to insulate your home, and certain types will be suited better to different houses. This might mean that you need to do a little research to find out what works best for your specific situation.

, How To Insulate Your Home


The doors in your home can ensure that it is well insulated. Your front and back doors are going to play a major role in both summer and winter when it comes to keeping your home the temperature that you want it to be. If your door is allowing cold air in throughout the winter months, then you should replace it. The thicker and denser the door, the harder it is for the cold to penetrate it. You should also make sure that the seals around the edge of the door are sufficient to stop the cold air entering through these gaps. You can use a draft excluder on your front door to stop cold air from entering at the bottom. This draft excluder will also help to ensure that the heat from your house does not escape under the door as well. As well as your front an back doors, any other doors in your home can play a similar role. Your living room door, for example, can help to keep the heat in your living room. This means that you often do not need to heat your entire house during the winter. Instead, you only need to heat the one that you are using and then keep that heat locked in that room. In the summer months, you want to make sure that rooms like your bedroom are kept away from the heat penetrating the rest of the house. A good way to do this is by leaving your bedroom door closed. This will go a long way to ensuring that you have a much cooler room each night. If your doors aren’t keeping your house and rooms as hot or cold as you would like, then you need to replace them.

Deal With Drafts

As mentioned above regarding the draft excluder and placing rugs, your house likely has several drafts. Each of these can cause air to escape or enter when you don’t want it to. This means that you need to fix these drafts as quickly as possible. If you notice a draft in that is letting cold air in from outside, then you need to fix it. This might be through using some kind of draft excluder, or it might need you use some kind a sealant to make sure that the draft is stopped. Different types of draft will need to be dealt with in different ways, but they should not be ignored as they can make a major difference when it comes to heating or cooling your home. You might need to look up online how to fix specific drafts or visit your local DIY store to buy specialised products. Whatever it takes, the important thing is that you get your drafts dealt with as quickly as possible. If air can get in, then it is likely that water can as well, and the last thing you want in winter is to have to deal with damp and water damage.

How do you keep your home well insulated?

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, How To Insulate Your Home

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