Spending Time Indoors Can Be Good Too

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, Spending Time Indoors Can Be Good Too

We’re always striving to make sure our kids are having the most balanced lives they can, often encouraging them to get outdoors more. However, sometimes we can over do with the “nagging”. Yes they should go outside, and yes playing outside is often the most fun a child can have (we did when we tried it!), but indoor time is good as well! So if your child has a preference for the comfort of their bedroom, or even just staying underneath a roof with their video games in arms, here’s some good ways to make more time of it with them:

, Spending Time Indoors Can Be Good Too


Do a Household Activity

Your kids are going to be independent one day, and they’re going to have to look after themselves, and thus teaching them life skills now is essential. So, when you have some spare time altogether on your hands, get them in the kitchen with you peeling potatoes and chopping vegetables! Or you can teach them how to sew in order to fix their own clothes; it’s a great skill for anyone to have.

Schedule Time for Going Outside

Everybody needs to spend some time outdoors, whether that be to soak up nutrients from the sun, experience nature at its best, or even just because the air is the freshest out there. Yet, it can be hard to just drop everything and spend some time outside. Instead, schedule in some time you can’t avoid for the morning or the evening and have a good time as a family.

Indoor time usually means you have to work, eat, or sleep, and none of those things can be avoided at the end of the day. But making more effort as a family to try out activities a lot of people like to shoehorn onto their kids is the way forward! Pack a picnic and go to the park with a ball to have a kick-about with for your kids to have the best evening of their month.

Download Some Good Games

Spending time indoors is often spent in front of a screen, and usually we don’t want to add anymore wood to the fire when it comes to somebody’s phone, computer, or TV usage. And yet, it’s also a good way to spend time as a family, having fun and bonding.

This can be in both big and small ways, like on a one to one basis between you and one of your kids by becoming the new empire’s hero in Final Fantasy XV. Download this game to your phone, or most likely the family tablet, and sit for a good hour or two together having fun with a strategy game. Or you can boot up the games console that has a motion sensor to it and break out some dance moves or even rack up some tennis scores as a good late night activity before bed.

Once of my favourite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon is everyone reading a book or watching a film together.

The time you spend indoors as a family counts too; so cosy up and do more!

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, Spending Time Indoors Can Be Good Too

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  1. , Spending Time Indoors Can Be Good Too
    Margaret Gallagher
    January 31, 2018 / 7:43 am

    Reading is always a favourite pastime for us – we love creating collages from bits and bobs we save

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