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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Snapshots of Manor Wildlife Park in Winter: Our First Visit of 2018

It's hard to believe that the last time I posted about Manor Wildlife Park was at the end of 2015.  We didn't purchase double bubbles in 2016 and 2017 so found ourselves visiting less.  This year mum bought me and the kids Double Bubble Season Tickets for Christmas so we can make amends this year.  We made the most of our tickets and went for our first visit of the year on 2nd January.  We only went for a short visit as we wanted to get our passes sorted (having our photos taken and filling in the forms) so we'd be ready to visit lots this upcoming year.  We only covered a really small area of the park but had a really fun day.  Take a look:

We got to the wallaby enclosure and realised we'd forgotten to buy wallaby food so Caitlyn ran back to get some for all the kids (£1 a bag).  As it was a quiet day they were really hungry and asking for food (on busier days they'll often refuse it).

The albino wallaby posed for a photo by (and with) Jo.

Last time we saw this one it was still a baby.

It wanted to make friends with Danny too.

I love watching them eat.  Their hands are just so cute.

It looks  like a wallaby has joined our family in this photo!

We left the wallaby enclosure and began to walk towards the wildlife trail.  Along the way we passed two of our family tradition locations.  One is that we always take family photos by this tree.  I only managed two of the cousins on this occasion so will have to get all the kids in a photo here this year.  The second tradition is "the cave" that the kids love running through as we used to do when we were kids.

The Visayan Warty Pigs now live where there once used to be pink flamingos.

We went past the camel walk and up to the Sumatran Tigers but didn't go on the wildlife walk (past the rhinos and zebra) on this occasion.  I was particularly sad not to visit Steve, Lisa and Bryn, the Siamang Gibbons.

Jaya and Terima were both in view.

Sadly we just missed the Tiger Talk and the feeding of the tigers.

I admit that I always feel uncomfortable seeing animals in captivity.  However, Manor House is a conservation-led wildlife park. They take animal welfare very seriously, they house and protect a range of endangered animals.  They recently campaigned to save three mistreated lions in Armenia and now as the lions are staying in their home country find themselves with an empty lion enclosure that can be used to rescue more lions in the future.  Of course their natural environment is always the best place for wild animals but if these large animals need rescuing I'd prefer to see them in a huge enclosure at Manor Park than a small cage being mistreated in captivity.

The kids were looking forward to the indoor play areas.

Personally I prefer the outdoor areas of Manor Park.  It's such a beautiful park all year around.  I loved spotting the fountain through the arched doorway.

 On the way to the domes we spotted the pigs out for their walk.

Within the domes there are ride on cars, a huge indoor soft play area and a bouncy castle.

Next it was to the hay barn.  We all had fun running and jumping around in the hay.  My camera wasn't behaving though and I couldn't get any good "jumping shots" but it was great fun.

Despite vast areas of the park being unexplored by us on this occasion it was nearly closing time so time to leave and go home.

The (now very muddy) kids couldn't resist a quick go on the tricycles.  We spend a lot of time on the green in the warmer months.

We spotted a peacock.

Now we have our season tickets we will be back to explore Manor Wildlife Park again soon!

Good to Know

Manor House Wildlife Park (Sat nav: SA70 8RJ) can be found on the  B4318 Sageston to Tenby Road, at the edge of the floral village of St Florence, just two miles from Tenby.

Free Parking


Children and Concessions:  £11.95

Adults:  £13.95

Double Bubble Seasons Passes:

Children and Concessions:  £23.90

Adults:  £27.90

There is a gift shop and cafe.

I would advise you wear wellies and bring a picnic!

Have you visited Manor Wildlife Park?


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  1. Certainly a place for us to explore - havent been bere before


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