New Year: Releasing Your Inner Party Queen

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, New Year:  Releasing Your Inner Party Queen

Work hard and play hard used to be one of my favourite mantras but when I became a mum, parenting and working became top of my priorities and “playing” dropped right down to the bottom until it became non existent. My sister and I were recently discussing how we didn’t part enough in 2017 and this year that definitely needs to change. Sometimes you just need to let loose and have a good party.

We’re so used to working, coming home and running the household, going to sleep and repeating. Where has the fun gone?! Nothing used to beat a good old party, and if you throw one, you’ll realise nothing will still beat it. It is such a good way to wind down and get family and friends together. A party doesn’t have to be just for a special occasion. As long as everyone is happy and enjoying each others company, a party is good for any occasions. So, if you’re thinking this sounds like a good idea. We’ve got some ways in which you can release your inner party queen again. It isn’t just about the party you throw, it is about how you feel in yourself if you want to have the best time of your life. So read on time find out more.

, New Year:  Releasing Your Inner Party Queen
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Glam up

If you want to release your inner party queen, you’re going to have to learn how to glam up. You used to do it back in the day probably every weekend. But as we get older the amount of effort we put into our appearance seems to dip. But not for a party girl it doesn’t. All you need to do is spend half an hour in front of the mirror, and you’re going to be completely transformed. Start by thinking about your foundation. There are some great high end brands that give amazing coverage that will last the whole night, even if the dancing does get you a bit hot and sweating. But not everyone can afford the high end brands, but luckily for those people there are some great drugstore brands that give just the same amount of coverage. Trial a few and see what works for you. The secret to keeping your makeup lasting longer however is primer. It gives a base layer that you skin needs to hold the foundation. Then finish with a little powder and the worst part is over. Now for the eyes. If you’re going to release your inner party queen, you’re going to think sparkles. There are plenty of little tubs you can purchase on the internet when applied over some primer, will stick to your eyes to create that shimmering sparkly look. Don’t settle for your average matte colour, you need to go all out. Finish the look with some eyelashes (or a great mascara) and you’re onto a winner. Then all you need to do is find the perfect outfit. If you’re releasing your inner party queen, you’ve got to go sparkles again. There are plenty of bodycon, or my personal favourite, skater style dresses if you’re more comfortable in those, that sparkle and make people look absolutely beautiful. Nail the points listed above and you’re going to be a party queen fit for any occasion.


How you decorate your house, that is if you’re having it at your house, is going to play a big part in the success of your party. You don’t just want to settle for the bog standard buffet on the table and a few extra chairs dotted around. No no. For this party, we’re going all out. You can buy disco lights that will help bring your home to life. These are even better if you have an occasion to put with it, so it might be your child’s birthday party, or even your own. Getting that disco atmosphere in your home is going to make it so much easier to get everyone up and dancing. A party isn’t one where everyone is sat round on the chairs eating the buffet. That’s for the end  of the night where you’ve had too much to drink. It also creates an amazing atmosphere for the children as well. They love things such as disco lights, and it’ll leave them dancing all night long. It’ll probably be better if you’re going to splash the cash for something like a birthday party in terms of disco lights. So if you’re just thinking of throwing a casual get together party, all you need to do is having some good music pumping, and start some games to get people up and moving. Try and make them as children friendly as possible. Think of musical chairs, but whoever doesn’t get the seat has to do a shot of alcohol, obviously not the children! As long as you get the atmosphere right, the party is always going to be a success.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks always seem to be the best attraction at a party, so you need to make sure you put out a decent platter if you’re going to keep your guests happy. Now, there’s two options you can go down with this. You can either head down the route of buying a load of precooked goodies from the shops. Definitely the easier and cheaper option. Or you can go down the route of making it all yourself. It’ll cost more, but it’ll definitely taste better. The compliments you get will be well worth it as well. Make sure you get a good mixture of foods depending on what people like. If it is a party where younger children will be attending, then try and accommodate for them as well. Plenty of sweets and chocolate is bound to keep them happy. Simple finger sandwiches such as ham and cheese always go down a treat no matter what. As for drinks, this is where you can make things a little more interesting. Why not have your own cocktail masterclass in the kitchen. You can purchase sets on the internet that comes with various different spirits and mixers, as well as a cocktail making guide book. It’ll make things so much more interesting, and you might be able to find your new favourite cocktail.

So there you have it. There’s how you can release your inner party queen, and make sure you throw one of the best parties in history. It mixes it up from just having the usual family gatherings. I’m also planning to “Say yes” to lots more party invitations this year.

How are you planning to party in 2018?

, New Year:  Releasing Your Inner Party Queen

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  1. , New Year:  Releasing Your Inner Party Queen
    Margaret Gallagher
    January 8, 2018 / 12:55 pm

    Maonly the food and inparticular the drink that I'M lacking skills in As i dont drink much im always stumped THANKS fpr the suggestions

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