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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Home: What's That Smell? (And How To Get Rid Of It)

Busy households see a lot of people and pets coming and going all day long. The trouble with this is that they can also bring a fair few odours through the house as well. Then there are all the smells that accumulate while we’re out too. Have you ever walked in through the door to be greeted with a less than delightful aroma? Here are just a few tips to help you track down the source of the stink and get rid of it for good:

The Fridge

It might be a great place for storing food, but it can also store the smells of that food too. On their own, each aroma might be quite pleasant. But when they’re all together in the fridge, opening that door might release a cacophony of odours that you really don’t want dissipating all over the house. You can buy odour eaters for fridges, but simple home remedies can help too. Use the storage compartments correctly in the fridge. Add a fresh bowl of lemon water each day to offer a more pleasing scent. A cup of bicarbonate of soda can help absorb odours too.

The Open Plan Design

When you renovate, remodel, and redesign your home, be wary of the open plan problems that might come with it. Cooking smells will easily fill every part of that space. The smells will cling to all your fabrics including the sofa, curtains and carpets.

Choose wipeable faux leather or vinyl furniture.
Wash your curtains each week.
Pick a hardwood or tiled floor.

These are just some of your design choices when you enjoy open plan living. It’s also important to open the windows daily to let fresh air fill the space. Of course, this isn’t much fun during the winter months!

Damp and Musty?

Places like the bathroom and utility can often smell quite damp and musty. It’s not surprising when you consider how much water, steam, and damp laundry gets left in here. Extractor fans are essential, but you should also open the window, if only a crack, each time you use the room. Scented candles are also a good idea. They provide a little extra dry heat, but also a wonderful aroma to fill the room. Whenever you’re in the room, light one and enjoy a far more pleasant bathing experience!

Morning Bedrooms

Have you ever walked into your teen’s bedroom in the morning and been met by a stuffy stench you really didn’t enjoy? The truth is that all bedrooms can smell this way, regardless of who was sleeping in there! The smaller the space, the worse it can be. Sleeping with the door open brings in fresher air if you don’t like leaving windows ajar. Of course, fresh air in the bedroom each day is an essential part of good sleep hygiene too.

Pets are also a source of unpleasant aromas. It’s not easy to keep them fresh and clean at all times, but you can restrict how far they wander around the home after coming in from outside. Choose bedding for them that can often be washed.

How do you keep your home smelling fresh and clean?



  1. Its one of my bug bears - seems like a constant battle riding my home of unwanted odour

  2. Thanks for these reminders. Hate a smelly rooms

  3. Odour eaters have been purchased gor my fridge - im hoping they work


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