Entertainment: Getting the Event Tickets You Really Want

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, Entertainment: Getting the Event Tickets You Really Want

At the beginning of the year I love to make plans for gigs, shows and festivals that we want to go and see. The only difficult part is booking them-is there anything more stressful than trying to secure tickets to a popular event? You feel like you have waited all of your life to see your favourite pop star, and you just know you are going to be devastated when you see the message telling you that there are no tickets left matching your search. Or, what about those Little Mix tickets your daughter wanted for Christmas? You did everything you could, but you missed out, and the re-sale market is way too expensive. This is something that most people reading this blog post will definitely be able to relate to. So, how do you get those event takes you have your heart set on?

  • Choose a ticket provider with care – You need to target your shopping process effectively. In some cases, you will only have one option available to you, as tickets for the event you are considering have a dedicated seller. However, for other events, you will have many different ticket businesses and platforms to use, so choose with care. Look for websites like TicketOffices that provide a great UX experience. Their website is quick to load and easy to use, making it a wise choice when you are trying to buy event tickets.

  • Don’t give up – Sometimes additional tickets are released back onto the market. This could be about 20 minutes after, when someone hasn’t completed the checkout process, or it could be a few weeks later when someone has requested a refund.

  • Use more than one device – Use all devices possible to get your tickets. Set yourself up on your computer, get a friend to use their laptop, make sure your partner is using their mobile phone, and if you have a tablet, get that ready too.

  • Don’t try numerous browsers – While using more than one device works, using more than one browser doesn’t. The website will think you are a bot and cancel your tickets.

  • Try to get on the pre-sale hype – For a lot of events, there will be a pre-sale market. You can usually access this if you have a certain credit card or if you are part of a fan club.

  • Sign in ahead of time – It is important to make sure you are prepared. Sign in about 15 minutes before and fill in all of your details so that you can speed through the checkout. After all, every second counts.

  • If you do have to use the resale market, act with caution – Last but not least, there are going to be some cases whereby you have no choice but to access the resale market for tickets to the event in question. If you do this, please act cautiously. There are many websites that sell fake tickets. You need to ensure you tap into the verified resale market to avoid disappointment and wasting your money.

, Entertainment: Getting the Event Tickets You Really Want
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Follow the tips above next time you try to buy tickets for an event. This will increase your chances of checkout success, rather than experiencing the disappointment that has come to feel inevitable.

What events are you looking forward to buying tickets for in 2018?

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, Entertainment: Getting the Event Tickets You Really Want

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  1. , Entertainment: Getting the Event Tickets You Really Want
    Margaret Gallagher
    January 5, 2018 / 1:15 am

    Fabulous info always seem to miss out on tickets i really want- i get my neice to apply normally – i might be sucessful next time Wouldnt even attempt to go for resale as they are extortinate in prices

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