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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Days Out: Five Different Driving Experiences for Car Enthusiasts

Research tells us that new experiences make us happier than buying new "things" and I agree.  Thankfully there are all sorts of experience days out there to buy for friends and family in gift form- the hardest part is choosing which experience to go for.  If you're planning to buy a driving experience for the car enthusiast in your life take a look at our list of five different driving experience days - there's something to suit every self confessed  "petrol head":

1.  Supercar Driving Experience

For those who love life in the fast(est) lane I'd recommend The Supercar Driving Experience which gives you the chance to drive some of the most powerful, sexy and expensive cars on the planet- from the infamous big names such as Ferrari and Lamborghini (Caitlyn's current "favourite car") to the lesser known but equally exciting Nissan GTR.

Supercar Driving Experiences are available across the UK and there are some packages available for 10-17 years of age as well as for adults (I know what Caitlyn will be hoping for on her next birthday).  Prices start from £49 (currently £39 on offer at time of publishing). 

2.  Mini Driving Experiences

Fans of vintage will enjoy the Classic Mini Driving Experiences.  You'll feel like you're on "The Italian Job" as you screech around the corners in this British Legend.  The original mini was famed for its style, simplicity and for its nimble handling abilities- you'll have lots of fun as you speed around the race track.

The Mini Driving Experiences are located in the South East of the United Kingdom and are suitable for 18+.  The cost from £90 (currently on offer for £45 at time of publishing).   Other Classic Car and Famous Movie Cars driving experiences are also available.

3.  Parent and Child Thrill Driving Experience Days

For special occasions, such as Father's Day and Valentines, pair and group bookings can be ideal.  Treat your parent to a driving experience day and you could come along too for a day you'll always remember in a super car of your choice.

Father(/Mother) and Son (/Daughter)  Driving Thrill Days are available in Essex, South Wales and Lincolnshire at a cost of £95.  Junior Driving Experiences are also available at many locations.

4.  4x4 Off Road Driving Experience

For those who want more extreme fun consider a 4x4 Off Road Driving Experience.  Forget the racetrack and go off road where mud holes, gullies, sheer drops, severe slopes, deep ruts and slippery climbs await you - it'll be an adventure you won't forget!

The 4x4 Off Road Driving Experience is available at various locations across the UK- there's even an Army Truck Experience in Bicester.  Prices start at £45 for Juniors.

5.  Stunt Driving Experience

For the person who loves movies and an adrenaline rush consider a Stunt Driving Experience.  As well as being enormous fun- driving and stunt courses are designed to improve your driving skills in a performance car for both road and track/ race use.   Stunt driving experiences feature two wheeled passenger rides, hand brake parking, skids and slides, timed slaloms and so much more.

Stunt driving experiences are available at various locations in the UK.  They cost from £109 and are as enjoyable for the spectators as the driver.

In addition to my five favourite driving experiences above there are a lot more driving experiences to choose from- from Passenger Rides for non drivers to Drifting- there is something for everyone on TrackDays.

Which driving experience day would you choose?

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