Things To Remember When Preparing To Move Home

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, Things To Remember When Preparing To Move Home

Once you have decided to move home and the moving date has been set, then you will be eager to start packing up your home and ensuring that the move goes as smoothly as possible. You probably have it all taken care of, but here are a few things that might be worth considering when you are preparing to move home.

, Things To Remember When Preparing To Move Home
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Prepare Furniture

You want to ensure that your furniture is safely wrapped so that it doesn’t get damaged in the move. This might mean buying special things to cover them in or at the very least getting them ready for the move in advance. You will also want to think about where your furniture is going to go in the new house. You might want to refer to a floor plan or pictures of your new home for this, but it will help to save you a lot of time when you move it. On the move day, this will also help you to know which room specific bits of furniture are meant to go into as well. This is why it can be useful to use labels that not only say what something is but which room it should be placed in. Having a clear understanding of where your furniture should go when you move and ensuring that it is safely wrapped will make your move go much smoother.

Moving Company

If you want to hire a moving company, then you need to organise booking them as soon as possible. There are many advantages to booking a moving company ( , and they are relatively inexpensive. If you have a lot of things and are concerned about moving it all out of your house, transporting it and then moving it into your new home, then you should seriously consider hiring a professional moving company. However, if you have already set your move in date, then you should not spend too much time deliberating as this might mean that your chosen company ends up being fully booked on that day. When it doubt book in advance.

Think Ahead

This might sound simple, but it rarely is. There are a lot of things that you will need consider and remember to do when you move into your new home. It might be easiest if you look up a moving checklist so that nothing is forgotten. For example, you will need running water, electricity and gas when you move in, so you need to inform the various utility companies of which day you will enter the property. If you don’t organise this correctly, then you might end up being without some of these essentials. Other things that you should not forget include changing your address with your banks, car insurance and a myriad of other things. You need to think ahead and make a list of who needs to be informed about your move and then work through them at the appropriate time. If you take some time to plan ahead, then your move will be far less stressful, and you will be able to enjoy your new home much sooner.

Are you planning to move house in the new year? Have you moved home recently- what are your tips?

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, Things To Remember When Preparing To Move Home

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  1. , Things To Remember When Preparing To Move Home
    Margaret Gallagher
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    Essential to plan plan plan and enlist the help of friends tooNo wonder they say it is one of lifes biggest stressors Can be a nightmare

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