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Monday, 4 December 2017

The Lantern Parade

Every year we take part in the Lantern Parade before the switching on of our town Christmas Lights.  Here's what we got up to this year:

First we popped into Value Independence to visit Santa in his Grotto.  Usually our first visit to Santa takes place at the kid's school fayre but sadly as the school is closing and moving this year they haven't had time for these activities.  Hopefully there will be lots of activities to look forward to in the new school.

We had a lovely time seeing Santa.  He spent a lot of time talking to the kids (poor Izzy went very shy) and we had a photo and a present.

We then chose the winning new name of Bertie the Harrods Christmas Bear.  His new name is Cuddles!

Next we walked to the Memorial Gardens.  I usually arrive late and just in time for the parade but for once we were early so I had to keep the kids entertained.

We went to see the nativity - every year we get excited when we spot the figures in the stable.

As we had time to spare I bought the kids some bubbles and lights (this being early lark costs more than being late!).

We had lots of bubble fun though and will use the wands again.

We then went to post our letters to Santa.

Finally, it was time to find our school and join the parade.

We met up with friends and had a lovely walk under the Christmas lights.

The route was shorter this year which was easier for younger kids.  We were soon back to the town hall ready for Santa to turn on the town lights.

We joined in the countdown and they were on!  The town looked beautiful.  I'll come down in the week and take more photos when it's quieter.

Children can then queue go and see Santa but we always pop and see the nativity lit up and then make our way home.  

We had a lovely night and as our compere Jim Hughes said, "Christmas starts here...".

Do you have a town lantern or light parade?

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