Style: Top Women’s Fashion Trends for ‘Winter’ in Australia

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, Style:  Top Women’s Fashion Trends for ‘Winter’ in Australia

While here in Wales and the UK we’re wrapping up in scarves and gloves, braving the snow, rain and plummeting temperatures, Australia is still enjoying clear and warm days. This means that our Australian friends and family have a unique opportunity to experiment with fashion trends while the other side of the world is wrapped up in coats. Which Australian ‘Winter’ trend will you love this year?

One Shoulder Dresses

The great thing about a one shoulder dress is it can be dressed up or down. Wear it with sandals and wavy hair for a stroll along the beach, or dress it up with heels, statement jewellery and a high ponytail for an evening on the town. You can also choose different lengths for your dress. There’s something about that subtle skin exposure that shouts sexy and elegant.

Knee High Boots

Out of fashion? Blasphemy! A good pair of knee-high boots on a cool evening will serve a girl well in any situation. There’s a reason the knee-high boots have been a go-to choice for fashionistas for years upon years. They don’t go out of street style, they look fabulous with any outfit and they make exposed legs look longer. What more could a girl want from a pair of shoes? Go for a nice neutral colour that you can pair with different outfits in your wardrobe.

, Style:  Top Women’s Fashion Trends for ‘Winter’ in Australia

Denim Jeans

You can rely on a good pair of denim jeans all year round. Wear them with flats while you’re out to lunch with your girlfriends or dress them up with a bright coloured pair of heels for drinks with your partner. The beauty of having great weather during December is that you can still get away with light coloured jeans, like stone wash denim or white. At The Iconic Australia your spoilt for choice when it comes to women’s denim. Give your family the hint for Christmas!

Waist High Belts

Pairing a belt with an outfit can totally transform the way you look. It can suddenly turn an oversized t-shirt into a dress that’s fit to party with the best of them. You can really express your personality with a waist belt because there are so many to choose from. Go for different colours, different metals, add some bling, or even design your own. Wearing a waist high belt will really set off your curves and make your waist look tiny!

, Style:  Top Women’s Fashion Trends for ‘Winter’ in Australia

One Color Outfit

The one-colour outfit is Sydney’s top trend for 2017. However, you can get it very wrong. Because there aren’t any other colours in the outfit to break it up, you have to make sure that the colour you’re wearing suits you. One of the safest and impactful colours to wear is white. It doesn’t just look good on a sunny day, it also makes the skin appear darker than it is. So, if you have trouble getting a natural tan throughout the year, white could be the colour to save you.

Bright Accessories

If you’re working the monochrome this year, you may need a pop of colour to finish off your outfit. There’s plenty of choices to help you stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you’ll choose a pair of bright yellow earrings, or a bright red statement necklace. Why not go with chunky gold bracelets or funky bespoke reading glasses? The options are endless, but remember, not every accessory will go with every outfit.


Oh, we do love a bit of Gingham! December and January in Australia just wouldn’t be the same without a gingham mini-dress. You won’t have to go searching for gingham because it’s something you’ll always find from any retailer. Navy and white are popular colours, but don’t feel tied down to what other people are doing. Take a look at gingham tops and high-waisted skirts to really make heads turn.


For those of you craving a colder, crisper Christmas and New Year, velvet is the way to go. The soft and smooth material is ideal for cooler days but won’t overheat you either. It comes in colours fit for Christmas festivities, like deep reds, moss greens and midnight blues. It’s a Winter fabric worn all over the world, but why should Australia miss out? Go for sleek velvet dresses or sleeveless tops.

Other ‘Winter’ essentials include, bomber jackets for those breezy evenings and fluted dresses when you’re out and about in the sun. If you want to jazz up your work wardrobe, go for a faux leather mid length skirt and classic crisp white shirt to impress.

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, Style:  Top Women’s Fashion Trends for ‘Winter’ in Australia


  1. , Style:  Top Women’s Fashion Trends for ‘Winter’ in Australia
    Margaret Gallagher
    January 1, 2018 / 11:32 am

    Surprising how fashion differs on each continent Sleek velvet is a favourite of mine -never really goes out of fashion at Christmas

  2. , Style:  Top Women’s Fashion Trends for ‘Winter’ in Australia
    February 16, 2018 / 4:22 pm

    Opposite clothing needed with the seasons different in each country. Indeed opposite sides of the world. My youngest is in New Zealand

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