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Friday, 15 December 2017

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

When I was younger one of the most exciting events during Christmastime was Santa's tour of our local town.  In school on the day of the visit there would be excited cries of "Santa's coming round tonight!", "It's tonight!" and teachers would remind us to be good.  At home, my mum and dad would sing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and we'd regularly run outside and just listen to guess how close he was and if he was on his way yet.  Then finally, the music got louder, the lights brighter and Santa, real actual Santa, was there, riding past our house on a bright red, open sleigh.  Santa's helpers (members of Milford Haven Round Table) would pass out lollies and we would wave Santa on his way around the rest of the town.  The following day at school we would all happily chatter about Santa's visit.  We would talk about it in "news" and write a story and draw a picture of Santa visiting our town.  

As soon as Danny was born I couldn't wait to  take him to see Santa pass our house, he was about eight months old and post two heart operations by the time of Santa's first visit.  Dave held him up carefully for me to get a photo of him with Santa.  As the years went on he was joined by more siblings and began to jump on the sleigh independently.  This year was the first year he didn't come out to see Santa- not even to help his youngest sister onto the sleigh as he usually does.  But we had a lovely time anyway.  This year we also went around to Nanny's house for a Christmas movie on the night he visits her area (it takes him three nights to cover the town).  

During these modern times, Santa now uses an app, Glympse so we can track exactly where he is and gauge roughly how long he'll be.  We love watching him travelling through our local streets on this tracker, we could even see when he was stopped outside Great Granny and Grampy's house.

Izzy tracks Santa!

While we waited we cuddled up and watched "Deck the Halls" on Netflix.

Then we noticed Santa getting closer to Nanny's house so we went outside and waited for him.  This year his helpers had a handy Stop Sign to let Santa know where best to stop to see groups of kids.

 The girls, sisters and cousin, all got to see Santa and had sweeties.  Then we went in to finish the film before going home.  Poor Izzy has a bad cough at the moment and brought up a lot of phlegm after being outside.  She keeps referring to it as "flame" saying "Mum, I've got lots of flame in my throat again."  Bless her.

Two nights later and it was time for Santa to visit our street.  It was a very festive evening as we were finishing off decorating our Christmas tree.  We came out to wait once we heard Santa at the top of the road.  It was lovely to see so many kids (and adults) had come out to see Santa and he had time for them all.

Again the kids were offered sweets and we donated money into the buckets.  We also had another photo with Santa, who of course remembered them from the first night.

Then Santa was on his way, travelling to see the rest of the children in the town.

Thanks so much to Milford Haven Round Table and Santa for organising this every year- Christmas wouldn't be the same without the magical, town tour.  My girls asked if Santa does this everywhere in the World so I'd love to know if there is a Santa Town Tour where you live.  Does Santa tour the streets or do you have a different special Santa event?



  1. So glad Santa uses an app now
    Would be awful if he got lost
    You all look like you had an amazing time

  2. How lovely. Truly magical experience with the children.

  3. It looks like you all really enjoyed yourselves, I took Megan to see santa and his reindeers last year and she was scared of them, I was 6 months pregnant on Mollie and ended up with Megan in my arms cuddled into my neck hiding so I've not taken them this year, but next year Mollie will be 21 months old so I'm hoping Megan will want to see him with her, il have to download the santa app for them xxx

  4. Looks great fun. I love this time of year


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