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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Oh Christmas Tree...

Our Christmas tree is up and I love sitting by the twinkling nights each evening.  As the years go on we feel even more nostalgic looking back at our special decorations.

Our tree from Pines and Needles is a lovely shape and in great condition.  I decorated the tree by first putting the lights on and then our basic silver and purple baubles.

Next, we sorted the kids decorations into their individual piles.  They each have decorations from their first Christmas, personalised ornaments, handmade decorations and also photo baubles.  Isabelle was just five days old on her first Christmas day.  She arrived home to a colourful house with a Christmas tree and we even had midwives around on Christmas Day morning.

I love the baby photos - they bring back so many memories of the years gone by.

Some of Danny's first decorations came from France as Nanny and Aunty Ceri went there just before his first Christmas.

The kids took turns to put the decorations on so there was no fighting over branches!

One of our new baubles is a photo of the girls and Cerys during Kingdom of the Elves at Bluestone this year which was a very special time.

Some of the handmade ornaments last longer than others.    We have lots of ornaments that we made at home and at school and the girls make lovely treasures at Brownies and Guides too.

Paddington Bear is a new addition this year- he reminds us of a lovely visit to the Torch Theatre last week to watch this wonderful film.  

Lastly our angel was placed on top of the tree.  

This year it was Rebecca's turn to do the job!  As we chose a smaller tree this year she just needed to step up to be able to reach the top of the tree.   We've actually placed her there twice this year as I decided originally she was too high up so I gave the tree a little trim and she now sits lower- closer to the other branches.

Last week it was Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day so we took a nice snap of the girls in front of the Christmas tree.  We still need a siblings and family shot too!

I'm hoping this weekend we will have time (and all feel well enough) to stick the carols on and have a sing song and a "rock around the Christmas tree" as me and the girls love to do this (Danny and Dave not so much!). 

Do you love real Christmas trees?  There's still time left to win a real Christmas tree for life from Pines and Needles by naming your tree and sharing.  The winner will be announced this Friday.

Do you have a treasured Christmas tree ornament?

Thanks to Pines and Needles for sending this tree for purposes of this post.


  1. MAGICAL live your decorations - PERSONALISED always makes such a difference

  2. It looks absolutely beautiful we go with a colour scheme every year then have our children's named, 1st Christmas and home made ones on xx


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