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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Interiors: Clever Ways To Make A Statement Piece Work In The Home

Take a look around your home: is it time for a change in the new year? When the time comes, you need to be ready to renovate and revitalise the living space. Frankly, no one wants to live in a tired and outdated home. This is when homeowners turn to furniture for help because the right piece can make a statement. However, you should know that one wrong move and the story it tells may not be the one you want to broadcast. With that in mind, here are four ways to make sure your next piece of furniture is a big hit.


First thing’s first – a sofa you can’t afford is not a good buy. The reason for this is that one household item may plunge you further or closer to the red, and debt needs respecting. As always, it’s best to have a budget and only search for statement pieces which are affordable. Still, there are ways to cut costs so that you can afford a dream item if one takes your breath away. Firstly, cut off the trimmings such as delivery by using Shiply as it can add a lot to the final price. Secondly, buy a used version and, if anyone asks, say it’s vintage (a jammy friend of mine recently bought a stunning velvet Chesterfield for just £60 at auction).

Create A Contrast

The best thing about interior design is that there are no rules. Well, there may be one or two but you don’t have to listen. All you have to do is try and contrast the furniture against the rest of the room to make it stand out. One terrific way to do it is to mix the style with its complete opposite. For instance, do you want a dark sofa and armchair combination? If so, use cushions with a lighter shade to make the colour pop and stick out like a sore thumb. Whatever the style, think of its antithesis and try and get creative.


Go Minimal

The point of a statement piece is that it is the focal point of the room. When you think logically, it’s hard to pull this trend off when everything in the place is special. Of course, you want to have the nicest belongings in your home, but you should think twice before adding statements on top of each other. Instead, opt for smaller, less ornate items which supplement the look. A beautiful coffee table, for instance, should shine with a simple lamp. Not only does the fitting fit perfectly, but the ambient light will create a mood.

Get A Second Opinion

Because it’s your house, it isn’t easy to be objective. In fact, it is almost impossible when you are too close. So, you need to take a step back. That’s it, one more, keep on going, and don’t stop until you hit the exit! Joking aside, a fresh pair of eyes will find flaws and in discrepancies which you won’t. Just be careful who you choose to ask.  Getting someone who isn’t on the same wavelength will end up with irrelevant feedback so a person with experience of design is best.

Remember that you can’t whack a statement piece in the middle of the room. It needs cultivating to stand out properly.

What are your tips for incorporating a statement piece into your home?

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  1. Great ideas, we moved home I'm September but with Christmas around the corner we have to decorate after Christmas, il definitely be bookmarking these thank you xxx

  2. The next few years will see our home totally refurbished always love reading your advice


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