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, Home:  How to Decorate a Christmas tree

Our Christmas tree has arrived!  We are so excited to decorate it but have to wait until Friday as we have busy evenings until then.  There are many approaches to decorating a tree and every household does it their way.  When I think back to decorating our Christmas trees in childhood (we used to have one in the hall and one in the living room) it brings back such memories- sorting through the bright baubles and homemade ornaments each year and everybody helping to put the baubles on.  Lights were left to my mum and dad and I remember them patiently untangling them and testing each bulb when the lights had gone.  There was also lots of tinsel involved!  

, Home:  How to Decorate a Christmas tree

In our own home I have a romantic vision of everyone helping with the tree but in reality it becomes a bit of an unorganised free for all.  Therefore I like to get myself organised before the kids come and help.  I find if I can have peace to sort the lights and put them on the tree and then put our basic silver and purple baubles on so they’re spread evenly then I can enjoy the family experience.  The kids find their “special baubles” – from their first Christmas to the present and get to put then on.  Every year we each buy a new special bauble.

I know some families pride themselves on letting the kids completely do their own thing, others let the kids do it and then rearrange it later and in some households the children are not allowed near the tree.  I like to think we compromise with me sorting the lights and basics but the kids adding all the treasured family baubles.  We’re not too precious about our colour scheme either.  We begin with silver and purple but on top of that everything goes- the more sentimental the better.

, Home:  How to Decorate a Christmas tree

Lastly we put the topper onto our tree.  This is usually done by the youngest member of the family but one year Izzy got very scared so the role was passed to Caitlyn- who knows whose turn it will be this year.

Have you decorated your tree yet?  Amara have published a handy article How to Decorate a Christmas Tree:  A Step by Step Guide full of handy tips- I love the one about hanging small mirrors behind the lights.  

Take a look at their handy info-graphic below (click the link to see it in full twinkling glory):

, Home:  How to Decorate a Christmas tree

What are your top tips for decorating a Christmas tree?

, Home:  How to Decorate a Christmas tree


  1. , Home:  How to Decorate a Christmas tree
    Lyndsey bevsta
    December 9, 2017 / 8:14 pm

    Thanks for this post! Lots of ideas and tips but also alot of great facts too! I had the tradition that obviously when the children were little toddlers, that the tree and decorations got put up whilst they were in bed and when they opened the door in the morning and be surprised! But as they have got older, like you say it becomes a free for all and I like it how they help with the tree now so they can say… Mom, we helped put the tree up! Great, thank you

  2. , Home:  How to Decorate a Christmas tree
    sammy copley
    December 15, 2017 / 9:17 pm

    We are putting ours up on saturday and I cannot wait, it's our 1st real Xmas tree too!! In my head it's going to be a beautiful family affair, but I know reality is going to be the complete opposite!!

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