Five Ways to Make Extra Money Every Week

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, Five Ways to Make Extra Money Every Week

As well as my regular income from my freelance writing and running a blog I always aim to make “extra money” each week.  Extra money can be saved towards a holiday or big purchase, put into savings or used to pay off loans (Cash Lady  advise that it will usually be cheaper to clear your debts early, as you will only be charged the daily interest that you have had the loan open for).    Here are five ways that you can make extra money each week:

1.  Take Part in Online Surveys

I mentioned surveys in my Ten Ways to Make £1000 Before Christmas article.  There are lots of sites to choose from but my personal favourite (and the only one I currently use) is Prolific as it never screens you out of a survey.  As I work online I can take part in a survey as it comes up (surveys fill up quickly so if you’re away from the computer a lot you’re more likely to miss them).  I tend to only choose the higher value surveys (£2.50 and up) and make about £10 a week currently (or more when the high paying surveys come up) but you can make more if you accept every single one.  They’re very interesting and handy to break up my writing time.  When you first join you need to answer lots of pre screening questions then eventually the paid surveys begin.  The payment threshold is just £5, but wait and cash out from £20 to avoid fees.  I also avoid fees by transferring money to Circle (also if you join Circle and send £25 to a friend we can both make £5).  

Sign up to Prolific here and let me know how you get on.

2.  Cashback Sites

Okay, these sites only work if you are already spending money but at this time of year I’m buying presents so can actually make money from cashback sites.  Again there are lots to choose from.  I’m currently only using Quidco.  Before you make big purchases check if there are are any relevant offers available, for example if you were planning to make a purchase at Currys PC World, Quidco currently have an up to 20% cashback offer.  I have used the 6% cashback at Argos offer for lots of kid’s toys this Christmas.  

Sign up to Quidco here and we can both make an extra £5 after your first purchase. 

3.  People Per Hour

Do you have any skills to offer- are you a copywriter, can you design logos or build a website?  If so sign up to People Per Hour.  It has to be said that the rates are lower than you might usually accept in your day job, however if you have an hour spare to make some extra cash then it’s worth it.  I have also negotiated higher rates and obtained recurrent work from contacts on there so I would recommend for that alone.  

Join People Per Hour here.

4.  Sell on Ebay

I know I always say this but if I ever need extra cash I have a good sort out and sell on Ebay.  I find books, small toys and kids branded clothing does particularly well (kids Boden clothing often sells for more than I buy it for as I only buy in the sale).  If I need money immediately I set it to “Buy it Now” and if I have more time I set it to “Auction” which takes longer but results in more cash.  Remember to take your postage and packaging costs into account but I tend to always offer free postage as it can put buyers off.

Sign up to Ebay here.

5.  Sell in Local Selling Groups

Occasionally I need to sell household appliances and large toys.  When the item is going to cost more to post than it’s worth I prefer to sell it as pick up only.  Personally I find “pick up only” items don’t fare so well on Ebay so prefer to sell these on Facebook local Selling Groups or car boot sales (but I’m not great at getting up early!)  Ask local friends for the best ones in your area.

Take a look at Facebook Marketplace here.

I hope you find these tips useful, please let me know how you get on.  What are your tips for making extra money every week?  How will you use your extra money?

, Five Ways to Make Extra Money Every Week

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