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, Home:  Create A Garden Every Member Of Your Family Will Love

Garden makeovers are great fun until you realise the scope of the project! After all, you have a busy household. There are children of different ages, a couple of pets and a couple of adults to cater for. What you need is a plan that gives you the perfect design to suit every member of the family. It’s easier than you might think! Give some of these ideas a go and see how creative your garden space can become:

Something For The Dogs

Dogs need space outside to roll around, dig, and make a mess. It’s what they do, and there’s no changing it. But, let’s face it, that mess isn’t just unsightly, it can be really hazardous for your tiny tots if you don’t notice it’s there. Creating a special area for your pups doesn’t take long, and you don’t need too many resources to get started.

, Home:  Create A Garden Every Member Of Your Family Will Love
Fun outside for your pup. Picture credit

Grass and lawn are important here. It provides a safe surface for your pooch to play on that won’t get too muddy. Still, it’s worth providing a bit of a digging area too. It’s in a dog’s nature to scratch and turn the earth. Some will even bury toys, or keep searching for hidden bones. It’s a good activity for them, but you might not appreciate having to clean up those muddy paws!

Use a cute picket fence or some railing to section off the dog’s part of the garden. This confines them to one space, leaving the rest of your backyard for you and the kids. It also prevents the smallest children wandering in there when your back is turned! Throw in a few chew toys and a couple of balls, and you’ve created doggy heaven.

Something For The Kids

Children need to be active, and they need plenty of fresh air. This means your garden is the perfect space for your kids to get what they need. It’s always nice to provide plenty of different activities. Don’t be too quick to install artificial grass. This is a great surface for play, but natural lawn can also offer the kids an opportunity to be closer to nature. They can watch the insects scurrying about, and develop more of an interest in gardening. Why not give them some pots for planting their favourite seeds and plants?

, Home:  Create A Garden Every Member Of Your Family Will Love
Kids should have opportunities to enjoy time outdoors. Picture credit

Water and sand play is also lots of fun outdoors. These help to develop fine motor control. For slightly older children, you might want to invest in outdoor toys like swings and slides. These help to refine gross motor control too. A playhouse is great for imaginative play, creating scenarios and reenacting life events they see around them.

Some hard surface is ideal for all those ride-on toys. They might still work well on play-mats that could offer a softer surface in case of tumbles and falls. They’re certainly a good idea under larger play equipment. Balls will still bounce on these, but perhaps not quite so enthusiastically! Again, use a cute picket fence or fun railing to section off the kids’ area. This stops the dog and other animals getting in there. It also provides an extra level of security for your tiny tots.

Something For The Grownups

There are plenty of options for the adults in your household. Start with a sketch of what you would like. You might begin with the view from your living room window. Which plants, shrubs and flowers do you enjoy the most? Where should they be situated to offer the best view?

Next, you can consider the seating arrangements. A good patio area is essential. It provides you with a place to sit and chat, eat, or just enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. If you love entertaining and dining, why not set up a garden kitchen? This is often placed off the back door or patio. It should be a sheltered area with only one open side that leads to the rest of the garden. A roof offers protection from the sun and the rain. You can install a kitchenette or a gas grill for cooking.

, Home:  Create A Garden Every Member Of Your Family Will Love
Enjoy outdoor dining. Picture credit

From here, you can set up a great rattan dining set. If you like entertaining outdoors, why not order a matching corner sofa from your garden furniture store? Rattan is a perfect style, and waterproof cushions save you the hassle of stain management or weather protection. Use a gazebo or pergola to add a little protection from the sun’s rays. If this area extends from your patio doors, a more permanent roof might make this area accessible even on a drizzly day.

Do you ever dream of a luxury garden to while away your summer days? Perhaps you would like to install a hot tub or even a swimming pool? Add a couple of soothing and elegant water features, and a swing seat, and you’ll never want to come indoors. If you are keen to have water or hot tubs in the garden, consider formal lockable railing and gates for the safety of the kids.

Joining It All Up

Now all you need to think about is how to make your different sections of the garden flow into each other seamlessly. Garden paths or stepping stones can be the perfect choice to navigate around and through your garden. Alternatively, consider some decking. This might become a central area of the garden with all paths meandering back toward the house via the different parts of your backyard.

You might use a decking area for play, al fresco dining, or even meditation. You might add a patio heater to make parts of your garden easier to enjoy all year round. And, of course, you’ll have plenty of planting and pots to enjoy a great view from any angle. It doesn’t take a huge garden to create something special that every member of the family can enjoy.

What does your dream garden look like?

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, Home:  Create A Garden Every Member Of Your Family Will Love


  1. , Home:  Create A Garden Every Member Of Your Family Will Love
    kayleigh watkins
    December 22, 2017 / 10:51 am

    We moved home in September and finally have a garden for our children, front and back, I can't wait until spring to do it up, my fiance is making them a sand pit with wood we have here too xxx

  2. , Home:  Create A Garden Every Member Of Your Family Will Love
    Margaret Gallagher
    December 22, 2017 / 1:20 pm

    Oh wow loving your ideas especially making our garden CHILD friendly2018 will be the year to make ours full of fun

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