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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Coping With a Sore Throat with Jakemans Menthol Sweets #review

The run up to Christmas is such a busy time of year between school events and preparing for the festivities. I find myself feeling run down but having to carry on as there is so much to do. When I'm run down it affects my throat and in a large family, it's almost impossible to be able to rest my voice. Thankfully, there are many ways to ease a sore throat. Jakemans offer a range of Marvellous Menthol Confections that can "soothe and savour whatever your chosen flavour" and kindly sent us a bundle of menthol sweets to try. Read on to find out our thoughts and also top tips for a sore throat:

Whenever I have a cold or sore throat I pop a tube of their Original and Famous Throat and Chest Soothing Menthol Sweets into my handbag. I knew they made other flavours but I hadn't realised just how many- seven in fact- until they sent this bundle. I couldn't wait to try the Cherry Menthol and Blueberry menthol flavours.

Jakemans Soothing Mental Sweets are made in Boston, England. (They have kindly invited me on a factory tour to their family business in January so I can't wait to share that with all of you in the new year.) Jakemans menthol sweets only contain natural colours and flavours and are suitable for vegetarians. Each sweet is bursting with menthol – an ingredient that releases natural vapours to soothe the symptoms of a sore throat and keeps airways clear. The sweets taste great and provide such relief.

While I was teaching I found that menthol sweets helped me at this time of year when my voice began to get hoarse but I needed to keep on teaching lessons and practising songs ready for the carol concerts and Christmas shows. As a parent I find it helps to bring a pack of sweets to the show to prevent me coughing during the performance (why do I feel  the need to cough during the quiet parts of a show?) and also makes my sore throat feel more comfortable.

Top Tips on How to Steer Clear of a Sore Throat

Of course the ideal solution is to avoid getting a sore throat in the first place. Here are leading pharmacist Marvin Munzu's top tips on how to steer clear of a sore throat:

  • Breathe Easy – Breathing through the nose, rather than the mouth, is a wonderful way to filter the air we breathe of bacteria and other harmful irritants before they enter the body. The nose is a miraculous filter lined with tiny hairs called ‘cilia’, which help to filter, humidify and warm or cool the air we breathe, therefore protecting our bodies against particles of foreign matters.

  • Swallow It – Swallowing regularly helps to cleanse the throat. Saliva keeps our mouths healthy and prevents infections by controlling bacteria and fungi in the mouth. The natural saliva our bodies produce helps to rinse the throat of any unwanted bacteria that could contribute to a sore throat.

  • Shower Power – The humid environment of a steamy bathroom when relaxing in a hot bath or shower can help prevent the lining of the throat from becoming too dry and irritated – a common cause of a sore throat.

  • Brush It Off – If you’re plagued with a sore throat that seems to come back time and time again, buy a new toothbrush. Bacteria collects on the bristles, and if you injure your gums as you brush, they can enter your system and re-infect you.

While I was teaching I went through a phase of frequently losing my voice. I was referred to ENT and they also suggested I swallow rather than clear my throat (as I had been doing) and I found this really did help. I also discovered that whispering can be as bad for your voice as shouting so avoid that too.

How to Care for a Sore Throat

If it's too late for you to avoid a sore throat here are Marvin's top tips, aside from keeping Jakemans marvellous menthol confectionery on hand, on how to care for yourself when feeling hoarse:

  • Cut Conversation – Resting your voice and keeping conversation to a minimum will help to aid your recovery from a sore throat. Swap up a straining conversation for text, email or note communication. If you have small children who may have yet to learn to read, use pictures instead of words – they will love the challenge of guessing what you want – and if you cannot talk, give them lots of cuddles. Likewise, sleep is essential for the recovery process. Getting a good night’s sleep helps the body’s immune system fight off viruses and bacteria that can be causing a sore throat.
  • Suck To Soothe – Sucking on menthol cough confectionery, such as Jakemans, can help soothe discomfort caused by a sore throat. Each Jakemans sweet is bursting with menthol – an ingredient that releases natural vapours to also help keep airways clear.

  • Say Hello to H2O – Staying hydrated is vital to avoiding sore throats. When we’re dehydrated, the body can’t produce enough saliva and mucus to keep the throat naturally lubricated. This will make the swelling and inflammation of a sore throat worse. Water is ideal or warm herbal teas are also super soothing.
  • Avoid Alcohol – Before you turn to a tipple, think again as alcohol can do more harm than good when suffering with a sore throat. The old wives’ tale that alcohol ‘disinfects’ the throat is unfortunately a myth. In fact, drinking alcohol is much more likely to irritate than soothe a sore throat.

Thanks Marvin!

The full range of flavours are available in 100g bags. Handy 10 sweet stick packs are available in the two most popular Jakemans flavours – Throat & Chest and Honey & Lemon. Jakemans are available from all major supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores.
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What are your top tips for soothing a sore throat?


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