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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Christmas: Letters to Santa

Once we're into December I sit down with the kids as they write their letters to Santa.  This has changed over the years, in the past I used to write for them, then they progressed to tracing over or copying my writing and now of course they all write their letters independently.  Some years we get out the paint or glitter and other years just our pencil case of colours.  We always seem to have stickers though!

"Letter to Santa" templates and printables are available but my kids prefer to use plain paper which they can set out and decorate their own way.  The only things you need are paper, envelopes and pencils.

The girls wrote their letters then decorated them and the envelopes.  I always check that they have wrote their full name and address neatly so that Santa can reply.  Sometimes they omit this ("Santa already knows where we live, he's magic!") so I add it later just in case!

Then we post our letters.  Most towns offer a local letter to Santa service.  Our local town hall and also our library have postboxes this year.  As long as we remember to add our address then we always get a reply delivered to our home.  Pembrokeshire libraries offer a letter to Santa service but Santa has asked children to pick up their replies when they return their library books which is a good idea as he is very busy.  I think the last posting date at the library is 14th December but please check at your local library.

Posting Letters to Santa Nationwide

If you don't have a free local "Letter to Santa" service then head to your local Post Office.  Every year the Royal Mail helps deliver letters to Santa.  Send your letter to the following address:

Father Christmas, 
Santa's Grotto, 
XM4 5HQ.

Send your letter by 8th December and remember to include a stamped address envelope (Blue Peter or retro kid's Saturday TV Show style!) if you would like a reply.  On their website they don't state to include an SAE but in previous years they have only had a certain number of pre-paid envelopes so for the price of 65p or 56p I would include it to avoid disappointment  (I  actual had to Google the current price of stamps as in my mind they're still only 20p!).   You can then track your letter to Santa here:   (there is a nice poem to read with your children).  

We get so excited when our letters from Santa arrive and I've kept every single one over the years.  

Will you be sending a letter to Santa this year?


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