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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Christmas Day

We all slept well on Christmas Eve and woke up Christmas morning to find that Santa had been!

A cuppa for Mum and Dad and the kids get stuck into opening their present from Santa and presents from us.

Then we jumped into the car and headed to Nanny's house.

Santa had been there too!

But before opening our presents we went to the cemetery to leave flowers for those no longer with us.  We especially miss our Dad at Christmastime.  This year we also hung a personalised memory heart on Megan's Starr Foundation  Memory Tree.  

Back to the house and it was time for more presents.  This nurses set was a big hit!

I don't think Rebecca's keen on Danny's present!

Poor Danny found the day tiring.

Rebecca invited us all into her Disney Photo Booth.  

Then it was time for our delicious Christmas dinner (thanks so much Mum!).

After watching the Queen's Speech we headed to Great Granny and Grampy's.  We usually all walk here but as it was raining Uncle Andy gave me and the girls a lift.  

Photo:  Andy Critten

Santa had been here too!  So we opened more presents (thank you!).  We thought everyone had opened our presents that morning and didn't realise that they were still stored in the bedroom so will now be belated gifts instead (sorry all!).

This is a photo of the girls with one of their ancestors- their Great Great Great Great Granddad I believe!

We had a lovely tea with Great Granny and Grampy and all the family and then it was back to Nanny's house for games.

I was very lucky and received lots of vegan goodies including dairy free Baileys Almande courtesy of Andy- this is so delicious  but only available online from The Goodness Project and it sold out pretty quickly.

Don't worry Toby didn't get hold of any chocolate!

We had a fun evening playing games, such as Logo-What Am I? and watching Christmas TV, the best part of the day was seeing our lovely family.

The "big day" is over but we're still on holidays and looking forward to more family games, films and days out.  

If you're also on holiday, enjoy your time off!


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  1. What a WONDERFUL day you had
    Busy busy busy but so much fun


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