Travel: 4 Idyllic Places To See in 2018

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, Travel: 4 Idyllic Places To See in 2018

With Christmas well on the way, most of us are putting the finishing touches on our festive plans, tying them up in a (metaphorical) big red ribbon (or only just getting started if you’re anything like me). When it comes to ringing in the New Year, however, most of us are entirely clueless. Sure, we have bigger festive fish to fry, but if you feel like doing something truly special to see in 2018 it may be time to raid the piggy bank and consider taking the family for a holiday to remember. If that sounds like blasphemy after the inevitable spend-a-thon that is Christmas, there are a great many compelling reasons why singing auld lang syne in foreign climes may be just the ticket for you and your family.

, Travel: 4 Idyllic Places To See in 2018
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Why it’s worth celebrating away

For many, New Year’s Eve is actually quite a depressing time. Quite a few are in the throes of the aptly named SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder which can exacerbate and distort our negative emotions. And there are a lot of those kicking around on New Year’s Eve… Aside from the relentless pressure on all sides to have fun, there’s the drunkenness and inappropriate behaviour of others, grievously inflated prices for typically underwhelming food and drink and a general feeling of ennui that can plague us when we really should be taking stock of the year’s accomplishments and looking forward to the future.

With that in mind, any of these destinations will offer you a fun and thrilling New Year to remember.

The French Alps

Besides the astonishing, greetings card perfect scenery, the French alps have a lot to offer families around this time of year. The sensational chalets at Les Deux Alps or Les Bossons have spectacular mountain views and every luxury one could expect from French holiday rentals. You can hit the slopes in the morning then finish the day with some luxurious apres ski living or explore the idyllic old village of St Marcel near St Martin de Belleville. You’ll get fun and relaxation and your kids will get to be Instagram celebrities.  


Edinburgh is a gorgeous, picturesque and cosmopolitan city at the best of times, but if you spend your New Year there you’ll realise that nobody does Hogmanay like the Scottish. Among the city’s cobbled streets and postcard perfect architecture, you’ll find celebrations the family will remember for years to come. Celebrations tend to start with the traditional torch-lit procession through the city on 30th December and culminate in street parties and outdoor concerts.


A thriving hub of art and culture, Berlin’s astonishing architecture and amenable population make it a great place for a party all year round. On New Year’s Eve (or Silvester as the locals call it), the city really comes alive. Between Victory Column and the Brandenburg Gate is designated the “party mile” and is thronged with diverse street food stalls, live music and laser shows.

New York City

If you can handle the crowds, there’s no experience in the world that compares to partying in Times Square as the famous big ball drops. If you’re well prepared and think to book in advance you can quite easily beat the infamous crush and enjoy a fun but sedate evening in one of the city’s fine restaurants and bars or, better still, see the marvellous fireworks display on liberty island from a boat on New York Harbour.

So far I’ve never been away for New Years Eve but when the kids are older I’d love to bring the New Year in on Leicester Square, celebrate Hogmanay in Edinburgh and party in New York- where are you tempted to spend New Years Eve?

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, Travel: 4 Idyllic Places To See in 2018

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  1. , Travel: 4 Idyllic Places To See in 2018
    Margaret Gallagher
    December 25, 2017 / 9:57 am

    I want to see all of these places – so much to see and do

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