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Friday, 17 November 2017

Style: 5 Tungsten Rings for the Modern Man

In all the time we've been together Dave has never worn a ring.  He did consider it when we first got engaged but decided that it wasn't practical as he spends a lot of time doing manual work, fixing boats in the day, and playing bass guitar at night.  We realised that he would spend more time with his ring off than on.   Recently however, I've discovered Tungsten Carbide Rings and wonder if these super hard metal bands could be a sensible and stylish solution so he can finally put a ring on it.

Tungsten is Swedish for "heavy stone". Tungsten rings are roughly ten times harder than white gold and virtually scratch proof making them suitable for hardworking men who are always on the go.  Style wise they are stunning-  sporting a sleek modern look in many different designs.  As well as an everyday or engagement ring this metal is also a popular material for Men's Wedding rings.

Here are five of my favourite  Men's rings made from tungsten.

Top row

Black Tungsten Men's Ring With Rose Gold

A black tungsten ring with a stunning rose gold plated inner band- the perfect combination of a black modern ring with a more traditional hidden inner.  If used as an eternity, engagement or wedding ring this would match beautifully with a rose gold ring.  This ring would be a great choice for Dave.

Middle Row

Black Tungsten Men's Ring With Blue Inner Band

For colour lovers, this  black tungsten men's wedding ring features a step edge, and a stunning blue plated inner band.

Carbon Fibre Tungsten Ring with Blue Highlights

 A fun, fashionable, bold ring featuring a tint of dark blue that catches the light in a very subtle way.

Men's Hammered Tungsten Ring

A strong, bold ring.  This Tungsten men’s ring features a brushed hammered finish with polished step edge creating a stunning ring that can be worn every day.  This design is my favourite.

Bottom Row

High Polished Men's Tungsten Wedding Ring

Featuring a polished surface that will outlast any other metal on earth this tungsten ring  is just perfect as a wedding band that will definitely stand the test of time.

I think Tungsten rings are the perfect affordable and long lasting ring.  They keep their shape for life and still look as good as new many years later.  If you're considering buying a Tungsten ring remember that they cannot be resized.  However if you buy from a reputable company such as MensRingsOnline they have a Fit for Life policy.

Would you consider a tungsten ring?  Which is your favourite?



  1. They sound like very good quality, they look very stylish too, my fiance has never worn a ring he doesn't wear any jewellery come to think of it, but when we get married in a few years he will need a ring xxx

  2. Absolutely love these
    Quality and style to last


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