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Monday, 27 November 2017

Snapshots of Broad Haven Beach in Winter #Pembrokeshire

Last weekend we met with family at Broad Haven Beach, Pembrokeshire.  It's one of our favourite local beaches to visit all year round whether it's pouring with rain or warm enough to swim and paddle.  This particular day was cold but dry, perfect for a Sunday stroll.

Here are some snapshots of our day.  Scroll down for more information about visiting Broad Haven during winter.

The teen was reluctant to come out with us as "beaches are boring".  As soon as he reached the sand he was running around and in good humour.  It can be hard work getting him out of the house but it's worth it for that smile and laughter.

Izzy found a line in the sand to follow.

We followed the line and found Nanny, Aunty Jo Jo, Auntry Ceri and Cerys.  I didn't realise it at the time but they're up by the railings in this photo.

We went up the steps to see them.

Lion Rock.  During one visit to Broad Haven I worried that the "Lion" had been eroded due to the storms.  Thankfully I discovered I was just looking at the rock from the wrong angle!

Caitlyn found a pebble which became her "Flintstone-esque" mobile phone.  She had great fun playing with that and made up lots of features that I'd be happy to have on my iPhone.

Isabelle set up noughts and crosses in the sand for us to play.

Birds!  Sadly we also spotted a  dead seal.

Dave and Izzy enjoyed a beach boogie!

Rebecca chats to Ceri.

Cerys navigates the stream.  Broad Haven is easiest to walk across while barefoot or in wellies but the kids had fun jumping over the water.

These two can bicker about anything (especially music!) but then settle down into really interesting conversations and debates about anything from literature, history and politics to science.  I love listening to them when they're actually getting along.

My boy!  He's doing so well, but we've just hit the cold season which he struggles with so we're having to plan "warm up and rest" times into our days out and once we get home.  I was so pleased for him that he actually managed to get 100% attendance in school during the first half term.  Every morning was a struggle but he did it!  The same cannot be achieved this half term as he has had hospital appointments and has been poorly since his flu jab.

The tunnel.  We were fascinated by this as children and as soon as Danny was old enough he couldn't wait to walk wade through it.

Dave was throwing pebbles in and I wondered if he was making a dam.  I shouted across to ask what he was doing and he simply replied, "Playing."  Fair enough!

The black beanie gang.

Girl talk.

All the kids and Aunty Ceri.  I wish I could remember what they're pointing (and laughing) at.  I'll ask them once they're home.

Possibilities include an entertaining dog on the beach (they love watching the dogs play) or Aunty Jo Jo falling over!

Aunty Ceri with her nieces and nephew in order of height.  We wonder if one day she'll be on the end!

I wanted to get a photo of everyone in order of height from Dave down to Isabelle but the moment had passed and most of the kids were off playing again.  It didn't really work as my mum, sisters and I are all of a similar height.

No, I need stretching vertically boys!

After a lovely afternoon we took a wander back to the car.  Isabelle looks so sad and lonely in these photos bless her.  I assure you she wasn't, in fact she was just telling stories and pointing things out to me as she walked along but her tired and cold from the beach face is heartbreaking!

Cut to this pair of cousins - they were having fun swinging on the bars.

We said our goodbyes to Ceri  as she was travelling back to Newport and made our way home for hot food and later a DVD.

Visiting Broad Haven Beach During Winter


Broad Haven has two car parks: a smaller car park off Marine Road (SA62 3JR) close to the shops and facilities and a larger car park off Milmoor Way (SA62 3JH) close to Broad Haven Youth Hostel. We parked in the larger car park.  At this time of year there is just a suggested donation of £1 towards parking (which is money well spent).


 The toilets in the larger car park are closed over winter.  The toilets on Marine Road are open and cost 20p.


There are shops, cafes, pubs and a chip shop but check opening times over winter (the chippy wasn't open during our visit).

Dogs on the Beach

Dogs are allowed on the full beach between October and May.  


Creampots Caravan Park  is in a great location for beach camping and caravan holidays (we used to stay here in our tourer).  There are also holiday lets available.

Have you visited Broad Haven beach?

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