Home: How to Ensure You Get Your Worth from Appliances

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, Home:  How to Ensure You Get Your Worth from Appliances

For most homeowners, it is exciting to have a new appliance delivered and installed. Maybe it’s the way that new appliances complement your home, or just knowing the fact that you’ll be able to do the washing in no time flat. In any case, new appliances grow older and they need a lot of care and maintaining if they’re to stay up and running. You should call in a professional to service your appliance at home, using your warranty or service contract. Follow this advice for keeping your abode equipped with working appliances that will make cleaning, cooking, and home living pleasantly worry free. 

, Home:  How to Ensure You Get Your Worth from Appliances

Know What You’re Buying 

Sometimes you can wind up with a new appliance in your home due to an impulse purchase. You might not check out the details before you purchase a brand new stainless-steel refrigerator and have it connected, but hope is not all lost. There’s likely a cooling off period that can help to prevent you from having buyer’s remorse. Use that time to go over all of the facts concerning the newest appliance in your home so that you can determine if you made a good long-term decision.  

Extending Your Warranty 

Once you fall in love with a purchase for your home, you’re probably happy to find that it comes with a very good warranty included. All repairs are covered by the manufacturer for a period of time, as long as no negligence is found. There are also extended warranty and servicing contracts that you can get on your home appliances so that everything old and new can get repaired when necessary. This is a smart choice if you’re staying put in a home that is in a good state of repair and you have no plans to move.  

Have a Professional Fix It 

If you get a bolt or screw stuck in your washer, you have to get it out if you don’t want your appliance to break down from the inside out. There are a lot of influential home repair experts who post guides and videos on the internet showing novices how to fix things without getting stuck. Here’s the thing about making home repairs and fixing appliances on your own – if you make an error, you can actually cause the situation to turn out worse or the warranty to be void. So, with that thought in mind, you would do a lot better by just getting a service technician to look at your appliance and make the repairs correctly the very first time around.  

Well CaredFor Appliances Last a Lifetime 

New appliances are great for homeowners who want lower energy bills, better water conservation and better quality home living. The other benefit of investing in newer home appliances is the fact that they’re built to last for several decades. Once you get a new model front-loading washer, you don’t have to think about replacing it just because a newer version comes out. It will not only stay looking good, it will get your clothes scrubbed thoroughly as fast as can be. The trick to keeping your appliances running well is to have them maintained by a professional service company.  

If you have a home appliance that cost you a lot of money and you don’t want to have to purchase a replacement after 10 or 15 years pass, keep a service professional on standby. You can usually have most appliances inspected on a yearly basis, and as long as you don’t misuse them, they won’t randomly fall apart. Plus, when you have a valid warranty all repairs are covered, and faulty appliances get replaced at no cost to the consumer.  

What are your top tips for ensuring you get your worth from your appliances?

, Home:  How to Ensure You Get Your Worth from Appliances

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  1. , Home:  How to Ensure You Get Your Worth from Appliances
    Margaret Gallagher
    January 6, 2018 / 10:31 am

    Youve hit the nail on the head Treating appliances with RESPECT is key to longevity

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