Home: How to Create a New Bathroom on a Budget

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, Home:  How to Create a New Bathroom on a Budget

When you have a family at home, sometimes the only peace and quiet you really get is when you’re in the bathroom. You’re either showering, answering nature’s call or genuinely hiding and taking a time out from the chaos for five minutes.

, Home:  How to Create a New Bathroom on a Budget

With that said, the bathroom is of course an important room in the house, but does yours make you want to wash your hands of it? Does peeling paper, or chipped tiles, an old and dated bath tub or limescale crusted taps sound familiar? Everyone has their dream bathroom, but not everyone has the budget to create it.

But don’t despair! Here you’ll find a list of a few simple and easy ways you can breathe new life into your bathroom without having to break the bank:


Did you know that your bathroom can take on a completely new look just by changing a few simple things? You could personalise your bathroom by using an accent colour scheme throughout. Try matching the colours of your bath towels, shower screen, window blind, and even your bath panel and toilet seat for that extra wow factor.

Small plants, artwork on the walls, a new toilet brush and toothbrush holders can be lovely accent details. So next time someone asks what you’ve done to the bathroom you can just say: “I’ve picked up some new bathroom accessories!”. Simple!

Replace and install old taps in the bath and sink, you can stick to a particular style, and then compliment these with other bathroom accessories and sundries.


With our busy modern lifestyles, many of us prefer to shower than take a long soak in the bath. If you don’t have the space or budget to fit a new separate shower than take a long soak in the bath.  Be sure to get your plumbing system checked by a professional to ensure you fit the right unit. The type of shower you can get depends on whether you have a mains pressure system, a combi boiler system or the provisions for a power shower. Or alternatively if you already have one, then just install a new shower head! Chrome, or a tinted colour will give your bathroom a blast of style and you some extra freshness!  

Floors and walls 

By changing or refurbishing your bathroom tiles and flooring you can create a completely new look. You can use many different materials for this job, and this is where you might choose to experiment with textures and colours. Just make sure they are waterproof! 

It’s uncommon, but some homes still have carpets fitted in their bathrooms (as ours did when we first moved in) It might sound desirable or luxurious, but the reality is it’s not very practical as carpets absorb water, making a bathroom damp, smelly and unhygienic! 

Instead, tear up the carpet or old tiles and replace them with a vinyl floor or new tiling. Vinyl flooring can be done on the cheap, and it’s easy to maintain which means you save time and money when trying to keep it looking clean and fresh. 

What are your tips for creating a bathroom on a budget?  

, Home:  How to Create a New Bathroom on a Budget


  1. , Home:  How to Create a New Bathroom on a Budget
    Margaret Gallagher
    November 4, 2017 / 12:03 pm

    I don't have any tips I'm rubbish at interior design always looking for inspiration from others

  2. , Home:  How to Create a New Bathroom on a Budget
    Emma Abby
    November 16, 2017 / 6:14 am

    This is very helpful

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