Home: Get the Cosy Hygge Look This Winter

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, Home:   Get the Cosy Hygge Look This Winter

You know those nights – the cosy, sitting by the fireplace with a mug of tea kind of nights? We all look forward to them, but do you ever feel like something is missing? That the atmosphere just isnt quite perfect enough, or you need some kind of change? What you need is a Hygge interior. Regular readers know that I love the concept of Hygge and as a deservingly growing trend in the interior design world, it involves use of Danish design principles to create a minimalistic but homely, comfortable aesthetic. Dont be deterred by the phrase minimalism’ however – the use of warm tones helps combat the stripped back feel to make it just right; a goldilocks effect that gives that bit of perfection you are looking for. 

How is a Hygge interior created? Simple. Our friends at Rug Mountain have some suggestions below on how to best bring in that soft tranquility:

, Home:   Get the Cosy Hygge Look This Winter


The quickest, simplest and cheapest way to create a new look in your home is through a rug. As Hygge is all about textures, warm tones and pleasure through simplicity, a plain dark brown shaggy rug would be ideal. Dark brown is rich and full of character, whilst looking even cosier in the fire-lit interior of a Hygge home. The longer pile length is more luxurious than most types of rug, but if you feel this isnt right for your home, a white faux sheepskin rug can be equally effective. They are similar in texture, but can be doubled up as a throw for your bed or sofa, meaning you can adapt your home based on your needs. These rugs are also practical in their underfoot comfort, reduction of echo, and warmth retention, which is especially useful on those cold winter nights. Rug Mountain have some lovely ones available, and we recommend their neutral coloured shaggy rugs to best achieve the Hygge look. 


If you are wondering what neutral and warm tones actually entail, think whites, beiges, creams and even greys with warmer purple undertones. These are the soft colours which Hygge calls for, and additionally help build up layers in a room with other decor since they are so easily adaptable to different colours and styles. Guests will also be impressed, as neutral tones are more likely to be appealing regardless of personal taste. 


Perhaps one of the most standout features in any room, accessorising a Hygge home deserves extra thought. The small things are of the biggest importance. Think wooden photo frames arranged in a disorderly fashion on your wall to avoid a clinical feel, or odd materials on cushions or blankets for a variety of textures and layers. Whatever you do is up to you as personalisation plays a large part, but make it seem unplanned and accumulated through years of collecting accessories and decor items. The idea is for it to look like a cosy home where you can settle down indefinitely. For a finishing touch, highlight your accessories with candlelight so they radiate that homeliness much more. 

, Home:   Get the Cosy Hygge Look This Winter

Hygge is perfect for feeling comfortable on those short days and long nights, but can be adapted during warmer months, so you dont have to worry about buying new rugs and accessories too often. Simply switch out warmer tones for more modern, bright and bold colours – this will create a contrasting Scandi’ look that will keep your home fresh and in tune with the seasons. 

I hope you all have a cosy weekend!

, Home:   Get the Cosy Hygge Look This Winter

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