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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Bonfire Night 2017 at Milford Marina

Half term ended with a bang as we celebrated Guy Fawkes Night.  When I was a child, the 5th November was marked by making a "Guy" in our neighbour's garage.  I remember stuffing crumpled up newspaper into old tights.  During the evening we would "burn Guy Fawkes" on the fire as we enjoyed French onion soup, hot dogs, toffee apples and of course watching the fireworks.  I do miss these days of street family bonfire parties but we enjoy attending our local firework display too.

On Bonfire Night we talked about the Gunpowder Plot and made Star Shaped Firework Biscuits- they were delicious.  I gathered together all of our hats, gloves and scarves ready for wrapping up warm that evening.  Surprisingly it was the first time this winter that we have really had to layer up.  Bonfire Night seemed a lot colder when I was younger- I remember wearing tights under trousers and ear muffs over my hat.  I could barely move my arms with all the layers I wore under my coat, especially while I was still wearing mittens on string (remember those!).

That evening we had hot dogs and then wandered down to Milford Marina.  It was a beautiful, crisp dry evening.  There was a beautiful waning full moon in the dark sky.  We spotted lots of fireworks along the way.

Milford Marina looked very pretty all lit up too.  As we walked across the Docks we admired the bright reflections in the water.  The firework display was organised by Milford Haven Round Table.  It is a free event but donations are of course welcome.

We put money in the bucket as we entered and the volunteers gave us phone number wrist bands for the kids just in case we got separated.  We then had a walk around deciding which rides everyone wanted to go on.

Danny, Caitlyn and Rebecca enjoyed some of the bigger rides such as the Disco Twists.

Isabelle also asked Caitlyn to go on the younger rides with her as she didn't want to go on alone.  There were bands playing on the stage but we spent most of our evening by the rides.

As this ride ended the firework display began.

The fireworks were amazing.  I have to admit that I don't particularly get the appeal of watching fireworks.  However, the evening is really about  tradition and being with family and friends and I do enjoy watching with them.  Some of the other local displays were lighting a bonfire so we considered driving to one of them but I would definitely miss the short local walk and seeing so many familiar faces.  I think I'm overdue a nighttime fire on the beach though!

As fireworks go though they were pretty amazing- thank you Milford Haven Round Table.

After the fireworks Izzy fancied hot doughnuts!

We met up with more good friends and spent a while chatting.  The kids were happy with this as I gave them money to buy sweets and a  drink to buy us more "adult talk" time!

We then took a stroll home as even more fireworks were set off around us.  I have to admit we've seen private fireworks being set off most nights since Halloween which isn't good for pets, especially dogs.  Hopefully they're over for a while now.  

Izzy enjoyed seeing these swans as she calls them Daddy's friends.  They often swim up to me while he's on the docks fixing boats.

We arrive home with flushed faces!  It was time for sparklers and hot chocolate before bedtime.

Sparkler fun!

We put the kids to bed as it was a school night.  I had a treat myself as Dave had popped into Trwffl while we were down the docks and picked up some dairy free Trwffls for me and Rebecca- I love the hazelnut ones!  Lots of the shops and cafes alongside Milford Marina were open for the evening too which was lovely.

It was a great night but next year I definitely want to have a fire for the occasion too!  Did you celebrate Bonfire Night this year?  

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  1. We would burn a guy and watch fireworks with sparklers when we were younger too, it sounds like you had a fun night making firework biscuits then watching them, and enjoying the marina, those desserts looks delicious I love hazelnut chocolates etc xxx

  2. Looks great. Love the fireworks biscuits. I love this time of year


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