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Monday, 13 November 2017

Home: 5 Affordable Renovations That Will Add Value to Your Home

If you're planning to sell your home in the near future, it's beneficial to make renovations that will add value to your home.  Generally the bigger and more expensive the project- such as a loft conversion - the more value it will add to your house.  However if you're on a lower budget there are still improvements you can make.  Here are five affordable renovations that will add value to your home:

1.  Paint Your House

First impressions count and in order to sell your house you first need to get potential buyers through the door.   Immediately smarten your home with a lick of paint.  Make sure the windows are sparkling, the front garden is tidy and gutters are clean.  If you're able to do these jobs yourself it will only cost the price of paint and could add £5000 to the value.

2.  Refurbish the Front Door

Talking of getting buyers through the door, ensure the front door makes a positive impression.  Save money by refurbishing the current front door instead of replacing it.  A lick of paint, new door knob, letterbox and number can modernise and make all the difference.

3.  Change the Windows

Before selling your home it is recommended that you change your windows for one of two reasons:  firstly because they are old and no longer functioning properly and energy efficient and secondly because they do not suit the age and style of the house.  If you decide to change the windows you could replace them with affordable sash windows for a classic style.   

4.  Add a Driveway

In most modern households garages are no longer used to store cars.  Instead they are kept as storage space or being renovated into living spaces.  However we still need somewhere to park our cars.  The attractiveness of off road parking will help your house sell  in areas where parking is at a premium.  If you have a front garden then off road parking can be easily and affordably achieved by paving over the front lawn.  You will need planning permission and to apply for a dropped kerb but it will be worth it for the added value.

5.  Apply for Planning Permission

Sometimes just having the planning permission for attractive renovations can help you sell your property when you don't have the time or money to build the conversion yourself.  This ensures that the buyer can see the full potential in your home and they also have the reassurance that they have permission for the expansion once they own your home.

Have you added value to your home on a budget?  I'd love to hear your tips.

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  1. This is something I'm planning for 2018 lots of tips to help me out thanks


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