Style: Five Ladies Watches- a Gift Guide

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, Style:  Five Ladies Watches- a Gift Guide

I was always what they call a “watch person” forever wearing one on my wrist until a few years ago.  My watch broke and I started using my phone to tell the time.  This worked adequately…until my phone battery kept dying on me (it goes so quickly) and I often found myself out and about without any immediate way of telling the time.  I also felt less in control of time without my trusty watch at my side to  constantly keep me informed of the date and time.  Therefore for my birthday this year a watch was top of my list (thanks, Mum) and I now wear a sporty, waterproof watch, which displays both date and time, every day.  I feel more like the old organised me again (maybe one day I’ll even start acting organised once more).  

Here are five of my favourite watches for different times in your life to make the perfect gift for a special occasion or Christmas:

, Style:  Five Ladies Watches- a Gift Guide

An Everyday Watch

I love Cath Kidston, birds and rose gold.  Therefore, I covet this Cath Kidston British Birds Rose Gold Plated Bracelet Watch  (£70) for everyday wear.  I love the special touches such as the rose tone roman numerals and pink second hand.  I think I would smile every time I checked the time whilst wearing this.  It’s water resistant to 30 m too.

A Watch for Work

This Radley Rosemary Gardens Rose Gold Plated Mesh Bracelet Watch (£79) has a classic understated design making it suitable for work.  Again it’s also water resistant to 30 m.

A Sports Watch

Sports watches are practical and have many features, therefore I wear mine every day.  This Lorus Chronograph Alarm Purple and White Resin Strap Watch  (£29.99) features the date, alarm and chronograph.  It’s water resistant for up to 100 m making it suitable for both land and water sports.

A Fun Watch

For the young at heart a fun watch design is a good choice.  I love this Cath Kidston Little Birds White Resin Strap Watch (£45).  I adore the bird design and it also boasts a simple easy to read cream dial with fantastic bright pink hour and minute hands.  It’s water resistant to 30 m,

A Watch for Special Occasions

As I mentioned I only ever wear my sports watch and it serves me well.  However I often wish that I had a fancier watch to wear for dressier occasions.  The Radley Bayer Rose Gold Plated Crossover Bangle/Bracelet Watch (£130) is very elegant and suitable for more formal occasions.  Thround case has rose gold tone hour bars and hands. This watch is also water resistant to 30m.  It would make a very special gift.

Are you a “watch person”?  Which watch is your favourite?

, Style:  Five Ladies Watches- a Gift Guide

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  1. , Style:  Five Ladies Watches- a Gift Guide
    Margaret Gallagher
    October 12, 2017 / 7:56 am

    Love your choices kathl kidstone is my favourite

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