Home: Choosing Your Interior Design Style

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, Home:  Choosing Your Interior Design Style

Does your home have a defined interior style?  Whilst I have an interior style in my mind, my home sadly does not yet reflect that.  Visitors to our home may think that I’m of the dark, cluttered and eclectic persuasion whereas in fact I’d love to create a light, bright practical minimalist space (with pops of colour).  

, Home:  Choosing Your Interior Design Style

Due to restraints such as time and money it’s not always possible to create a family home in your dream style immediately, however if you have a well defined style theme from the start it’s easier to make your dream home a reality eventually.  

Choosing Your Interior Design Style (and the furniture to suit)

Look through home magazines, pinterest and instagram to decide which style is right for you.  You can then create mood boards and your own pinterest boards for your home.  This helps you to check that all your new pieces will fit in well with your chosen style.

Rattan Direct have published a handy guide about Different Interior Design Styles, have a read and decide on your style.  Ideally I’d love to choose “Scandinavian Style”.  From now on I’ll take the advice:

“If you are looking to embrace Scandinavian decor, you’ll need to embrace minimalism and practicality. Clutter is a big no-no, so take all those ornaments and knick-knacks to your closest charity shop and instead embrace straight, clean lines on counters and shelves. Your furniture should be sturdy and constructed from wood, and if you are looking for a splash of colour, dot some plants around your home.”

Once I apply these elements, my dream Scandi style can hopefully become a reality.  

Have a read, which interior style will you choose for your home?

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, Home:  Choosing Your Interior Design Style

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  1. , Home:  Choosing Your Interior Design Style
    October 29, 2017 / 8:59 pm

    Plants are great for adding colour.

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