Health & Fitness: How to get your kids into golf

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, Health & Fitness:   How to get your kids into golf

Getting kids into sport has a whole range of benefits from improving health and fitness, to developing motor skills and helping kids to learn to manage emotions and social interactions. While more obvious sports for kids are often team games such as football, basketball, rugby or netball; golf also has a lot of offer kids.

Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world and it is enjoyed by millions of people in a range of countries. Getting kids into golf not only ensures the future of the sport but it also teaches children patience, determination and fine motor skills and strength.

But with other sports receiving much more positive media attention, just how do you get young people to try out the great sport of golf and how do you get them to love and enjoy the sport too?

Start out with some fun

A great way to get kids into golf is to take them to a local driving range to have some fun simply hitting some balls as far as they can. Driving ranges are excellent first introductions to golf as they are accessible to anyone, no matter if you have every tried golf before. Kids will love to see just how far they can hit the ball and the skill level required is not too high, so they will find the experience a positive one. Driving ranges are often inexpensive and you can rent the equipment to start with, so your child can really get a feel for gold before you shell out any money for your own equipment. Take part in “Crazy Golf” and look out for “Family Open Days” at your local Golf Club- our nearest club runs these regularly.

Let them look good

Children, especially older children, like to look good no matter what they are doing. Often, golf is associated with outlandish outfits which kids wouldn’t be seen dead in! However, there are much more fashionable options available these days with many of the big brands creating golfing attire which is comfortable and looks great. For example, golf clothing is stylish and cool and children will enjoy wearing it. While appearances aren’t everything, they are very important for impressionable children who want to look the part no matter what they are doing.

Take them to a tournament

There are plenty of golf tournaments which are played up and down the country and they are spread over several days. A great way to get your child interested in the sport is to take them to one of the major events when they visit this country so that your child can see some of the biggest names in the sport perform right in front of their eyes. Live sporting events are full of atmosphere and fun and going to see a sport live is offers much more interest to a child than watching it from home.

Introduce friendly competition

Most kids love to compete, especially with their parents. If you want your child to love golf as much as you do, then offer to put their skills to the test on a short 9-hole course or a pitch and putt course. Your child will want to try and beat you and once they are emotionally invested then you will find that they become more engaged with the sport itself.

There are plenty of benefits to your kids of learning to play golf, and if you can motivate them to try and learn this skill, you may find they develop a love for the game that exceeds yours!

What are your tips for getting children involved in sport?  I’d love to know.

, Health & Fitness:   How to get your kids into golf

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  1. , Health & Fitness:   How to get your kids into golf
    October 24, 2017 / 2:32 pm

    My son likes golf. My daughter is less sporty but I try to find sports she enjoys

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