September is…

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, September is…

 I enjoy reading blogs about different people and places and learning what each season means to them.  I also love writing lists.  So here is a list of a few things about our September.  I’d like to know what your September will look like too.

September is:

  • A fresh start and getting back into a routine
  • Back to school in shiny polished shoes
  • Drinking a morning cup of tea in silence
  • Starting a new notebook and taking in the smell of new stationery
  • Blackberry picking with nettle stung, berry stained hands
  • Filling our bellies with blackberry crumble and custard
  • Wearing plum coloured lipsticks that make a fading tan look even paler
  • Making the most of the late sunshine and walking home at twilight 
  • Knitting while watching a good drama on TV
  • Watching old films and rereading favourite books
  • Fun family adventures at weekends
  • Having gratitude for Sunday morning lie ins
  • Blowing out candles on a birthday cake- Caitlyn will turn 9.

What does September mean to you?

, September is…

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  1. , September is…
    October 30, 2017 / 7:36 am

    Lovely post. I love family adventures at the weekend

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